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GTC Resolutions

Resolutions are used to document the decisions officially adopted by either the Business Committee or the General Tribal Council. The resolution differs from action taken in a regular Business Committee or General Tribal Council meeting by including the authority of the Committee or Council to make the decision and provides the background information for why the decision was made.

General Tribal Council members are encouraged to utilize the GTC Resolution template when drafting a resolution for General Tribal Council consideration.


***Please note: There were no GTC resolutions adopted during the 2016 calendar year.***


03-25-00-A FY 2000 Budget

03-25-00-B Revolving Loan Fund and General Reserve Budget Allocations

03-25-00-C FY 2000 Budget Modification to Gaming Budget

09-30-00-A FY 2001 Budget

11-04-00-A GTC Adoption of Per Capita Plan Z-Fixed Per Capita 

12-15-01-A FY 2002 Budget 

2002-07-08-A GTC Revamping of Employee Compensation System 

2003-07-07-A GTC Annual, Semi-annual Reporting Format

2003-07-07-B GTC $750 Per Capita FY 2004

2003-09-13-A GTC FY 2003 Budget Modification

2003-09-13-B GTC Adoption of FY 2004 Budget 

02-28-04-A GTC Amendments to Personnel Policies and Procedures

07-05-04-A GTC ONGO Gaming Ordinance

07-05-04-B GTC $800 Per Capita Payment FY2005-2013

12-13-04-A GTC NY Land Claims Settlement 

05-14-05-A GTC Oneida Land Commission 

2006-01-09-A GTC Repeal of Current Removal Law and Adoption of New Removal Law

2006-09-16-A GTC FY07 Budget 

10-06-07-A GTC FY 2008 Budget 

01-26-08-A GTC Personnel Policies and Procedures Amendments to Comply with Military Service Employee Protection Act

05-10-08-A GTC Per Capita Increase and Endowment Creation

06-28-08-A GTC Support of Purchase of Thornberry Creek Country Club & Golf Course and Related Properties in Bankruptcy Court

2008-11-15-A GTC Non Confidentiality Information

2008-11-15-B GTC Direction Review of Corporate Charters

2008-11-15-C GTC Treasurer’s Report to include all Receipts and Expenditures and the Amount and

2008-11-15-D GTC General Tribal Council Directives 

01-05-09-A GTC Personnel Policies and Procedures Amendments to comply with the Amended Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy

1-17-09-A GTC Adopt FY09 Budget 1-17-09-B GTC Oneida Life Insurance Plan Plus (OLIPP)


01-08-90 Trust Committee- Docket 75 Per Capita Plan

06-30-90-A Per Capita Payment Trust Fund Distribution Plan 

03-04-91-A GTC Change in Gaming Com. membership guidelines timetables

08-19-91 GTC addendum to Appeals Commission

08-19-91-A GTC-adoption of Administrative Procedures Act and Appeals Commission

08-19-91-B GTC Eldery Trust, Land Acquistion Fund , Tribal Reserve Loan 

01-06-92-A GTC septic tank maintenance

01-06-92-B GTC Septic Systems

01-06-92-C GTC Septic Systems

01-06-92-D GTC Septic Systems

01-06-92-E GTC Septic Systems

03-21-92-A GTC Oneida Gaming Commission Directives

07-6-92-A GTC Gaming Ordinance SOP

07-6-92-B GTC Gaming Ordinance

08-03-92-A Honoring Irene Moore with color portrait

09-14-92-A GTC Tribal expenditures will continue at FY92 levels through Nov. 1992

11-16-92-A GTC FY93 Budget 

01-04-93-A GTC-Elderly Trust Annual Budget Addition

05-29-93-A GTC-Commission on Aging-Facility Development

07-06-93-A GTC Oneida Hymnals

10-23-93-A FY94 BUDGET

11-22-93-A GTC BC serving on appointed or elected board, committee or commission rules

11-22-93-B GTC Benefits program designed specifically for GTC be researched and gift of$225 for three years to GTC 

01-07-94-A Dissolve Education Board.pdf

01-31-94-A GTC Unbudgeted item expenditures $500,000.00 for items 1-4

01-31-94-B GTC-Alcohol and Drug free Facility

07-11-94-A GTC Treasurer Responsibilities

07-11-94-B GTC Creation of Finance Committee

07-11-94-C GTC Notary Act 07-11-94-D GTC-Open bid process to compliment Buy Oneida First

07-11-94-E GTC Scheduling GTC meeting to closest proximity to designated days according to Constitution 2. Elder Recognition

07-20-94-A Schedule of GTC Meetings

08-08-94-A GTC-Enforce Compliance with Tribal Laws 

01-28-95-A GTC-FY 1995 Budget

06-10-95-A GTC Land Claims -Authorizing Reactivation of Amended Comprehensive Lawsuit

08-19-95-A GTC-Available Benefits on and Off Reservation

08-19-95-B GTC-Health Insurance Study

08-19-95-C GTC-Relocation Resolution

08-19-95-D GTC- Special Needs Survey 

04-22-96-A GTC FY 96 Budget Modification

04-22-96-B GTC FY 96 Budget

08-12-96-A GTC- Education Scholarships for Oneida Students

09-16-96-A GTC-Purchase of Property within New York Land Claims Area

12-07-96-A GTC-Divisional Budget

12-07-96-B GTC-Direct Report Budget

12-07-96-C GTC-Amendment to Resolution 96-08-12-A Highr Education Funding 

8-11-97-A Elderly Per Capita 

01-17-98-A GTC Removal Ordinance

07-06-98-A GTC-Amendment of the Election Law

08-03-98-A GTC-FY 98 Budget

10-26-98-A GTC 20-20 Vision Aquisition Plan

10-26-98-B GTC FY 99 Budget 

04-17-99-A GTC-Per Capita

5-17-99-A Budget modification

8-28-99-A Budget modification

8-28-99-B Gaming Budget

12-18-99-A Per capita

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