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Administrative Rulemaking

On February 24, 2016, the Oneida Business Committee adopted a new Administrative Rulemaking law (Rulemaking Law) which sets out a single rulemaking process which must be followed by all Tribal entities (boards, committees, commissions, Tribal departments or divisions, etc.) that are delegated authority by a Tribal law to implement, administer or enforce that law.

Any rules which were already in existence when the Rulemaking law was adopted will remain in effect, but in the future when those rules are amended, the Tribal entity must follow the process set out in the Rulemaking Law. (Rulemaking Guidebook)

To view and/or submit comments on rules which have been proposed for adoption; please visit the Oneida Register Public Meetings page.

How to Promulgate Rules

The Legislative Reference Office has prepared various materials to assist Oneida entities with developing and preparing rules, including the following:

If you are interested in writing a rule. Follow the instructions in the Rulemaking Guidebook, created by the LRO to assist you in navigating the Administrative Rulemaking law. Interested parties are invited to contact the LRO directly for additional information.


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