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Intergovernmental Agreements

Intergovernmental agreements are the Oneida Nation’s Service Agreements with neighboring governments. Local governments generally rely on the collection of real estate taxes to support government services. Considering trust land is not subject to property taxes, the Oneida Nation enters Service Agreements with our neighboring local governments as a way to compensate them for the services they provide to trust land. In turn, the current Service Agreements recognize the wide array of services the Oneida Nation government provides to tribal members and non-members alike. When calculating the payment formula of the Service Agreements, the Oneida Nation receives a credit for providing these services.

The Oneida Nation currently has Service Agreements with the Village of Ashwaubenon, City of Green Bay, Town of Oneida, Outagamie County, and Brown County. The Oneida Nation looks forward to entering into new and renewed Service Agreements with all local governments who are willing to negotiate in good faith.

Oneida Nation Reservation Maps

Oneida Nation and Brown County Solid Waste Management Services Agreement
Wisconsin Tribes and WI DOT, WI Federal Highway Admin., and Bureau of Indian Affairs
Village of Ashwaubenon Emergency Medical Services Agreement
2021 Green Bay Cooperative Governance Agreement
Brown County Service Agreement November 1, 2023
Village of Ashwaubenon Service Agreement Jan 8, 2014

Village of Ashwaubenon Cooperative Service Agreement – Dec. 22, 2022
Brown County Exchange of Services Agreement September 17, 2012
2016-2021 Town of Oneida Cooperative Governance Agreement July 27-28, 2017
Outagamie County Drainage Board Intergovernmental Service October 23, 2012
Outagamie County Service Agreement January 1, 2006
Oneida Tribe-State Gaming (Consolidated) Compact
Third Amendment to 1991 Gaming Compact
Reciprocal Motor Vehicles Registration Exemption
Bond from Oneida Utilities to Oneida Nation
Wisconsin Immunization Registry System
Brown County Household Hazardous Waste Facility
Assignment and Assumption Agreement
EPA Inspector Credentials
MOU Between BIA Midwest Region & Oneida Nation
Excise Taxes on Cigarettes and Tobacco
Refund of Precollected Excise Taxes on Cigarettes
Refund of Precollected Excise Taxes on Tobacco Products
Law Enforcement Agreements
2021 Green Bay Law Enforcement Response and Mutual Assistance Agreement
2019 Outagamie County Deputization Agreement Signed
2019 Brown County Deputization Agreement Signed
CITY-Green Bay Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Agreement 10-06-1996-43185
Village of Ashwaubenon Law Enforcement Response & Mutual Assistance Agreement

Intergovernmental Agreements between the Oneida Nation and surrounding local governments are founded on mutual respect. They serve as a pledge that the governments are committed to maintaining positive government-to-government relationships for the benefit of all community members. In these difficult economic times, it is increasingly important to explore cost effective ways for our governments to work cooperatively. The Oneida Nation has agreements with our neighbors that address a multitude of services such as police protection and mutual aid, fire protection, zoning and land use, road maintenance, sewerage district services, storm water, environmental protection and restoration, tourism, and emergency communications.

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