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BC Standard Operating Procedures

OBC SOP BC Travel Corporate Credit Card Approved 05-25-2016
OBC SOP BC Work Session Approved 03-23-2022
OBC SOP Community Complaints Approved 12-22-2021
OBC SOP Complaint Process for Direct Reports Revised 11-04-2020
OBC SOP Corporate Appointments Approved 12-13-2017
OBC SOP Employment Cap and Labor Allocations Level – Budget and Finances Law, Chapter 121 Approved 09-28-2022
OBC SOP Epoll Conducting Electronic Voting Revised 11-08-2017
OBC SOP Grantee Notification of Award Close-Out Approved 06-08-2016
OBC SOP Hiring and Negotiating OBC Political Appointments Effective 08-31-2017
OBC SOP Holding a Virtual Meeting_approved 06 14 2023
OBC SOP Section 16, Travel & Expense Policy Effective 01-01-2019
OBC SOP Selection of Family Court Judge Approved 11-30-2017
OBC SOP Special Projects Budget Expenditure of Funds Approved 12-13-2023
OBC SOP Standards for Restricting Access for an Employee on Leave or Separation of Employment Approved 05-23-2018
OBC SOP Stipends for OBC-Elect during Transition Approved 07-12-2017
OBC SOP Ticket Distribution Approved 01-27-2016
OBC Staff SOP Travel Revised 06-21-2006
ON SOP Emergency Management Law – Emergency Management Operations Team Approved 12-14-22
NHC SOP Banned and Restricted Access to Norbert Hill Center Effective 11-26-2018
NHC SOP Building Access Control for Norbert Hill Center Effective 08-02-2022
NHC Reopening Plan due to COVID 19 Pandemic- Employee Access
Policy for Entry to NHC by Clients, Vendors and Members of the Public
Additional/Contact Info