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Elections & Voting

Tribal Elections

Election Basics

The General Election, and Primary Election (if required), occurs every three (3) years when the Oneida Business Committee is elected. All other elections are Special Elections. Eligible voter may cast a ballot at one of two polling locations at all elections. Picture ID must be presented in order to vote.

Eligible voters may become candidates by one of two ways. They may be nominated at the caucus and be present at the caucus to accept the nomination. They may also petition by obtaining ten (10) verified signatures of Tribal members eligible to vote at the time of the signature.  In all instances, an application must be completed and returned by the appropriate deadline.

Election Rules

The Oneida Election Law sets the rules for elections, recounts, and challenges.  It also sets the role and responsibilities of the Oneida Election Board.

For more information

Contact the Oneida Election Board at [email protected]


2017 General Tribal Election


Click here to obtain the 2017 General Election Notice and Draft Ballot

At the February 13, 2017, Annual General Tribal Council (GTC) meeting, GTC members approved the following dates regarding the 2017 General Election:

Saturday March 25, 2017 1:00 pm Caucus
Friday March 31, 2017 4:30 pm Application Deadline
Saturday May 6, 2017 7:00 am-7:00 pm Primary Election
Saturday July 8, 2017 7:00 am-7:00 pm General Election
Wednesday August 9, 2017 9:00 am BC Mtg to Ratify Results

Have questions, comments, concerns regarding General Election information and process? Please contact the Oneida Election Board at [email protected]


2017 Oneida Business Committee Candidate Forum

DISCLAIMER: The Candidate Forum is intended to give the candidates for the Oneida Business Committee a chance to share their information with Oneida voters. Information contained within their articles has not been verified by IGAC or Kalihwisaks and is the opinion of the authors. The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs & Communications or Kalihwisaks does not endorse any particular candidate for office.

State, Local, and Federal Elections

Basic Voting Information

In order to vote in Wisconsin you must:

● Be a citizen of the United States
● Be a resident of Wisconsin for at least 28 days
● Be 18 years old
● Proof of identification when voting at a polling place.  A Tribal ID is accepted.
● Not have been convicted of treason, felony or bribery, or have had your civil rights restored
● Not have been found by a court to be incapable of understanding the objective of the electoral process
● Not make or benefit from a bet or wage depending on the result of an election

Registration Deadline: 20 days before the election (or completed in the local voter registration office up to 5:00 PM the day before the election, or completed at the polling place on election day)

Click here for more information about voting.


David "Fleet" Jordan

Shekoli, My name is David “Fleet” Jordan, an Oneida Business Committee Council Member, and I am running for re-election. Over the past two and one-half years I have been very active in my role as a legislator in developing and passing new laws as well as revising some out of-date laws to be in compliance with new directives passed by the General Tribal Council. I have held numerous work meetings with my fellow legislators and attended public meetings to gather input from our Tribal members. I will continue in my role as a council member to seek opportunities to sponsor new legislation and set goals in the best interest of the Oneida Nation. I have a business background and have been successful in my current duties to strengthen our fiscal responsibilities. I was instrumental in proposing the new per capita plan and decreasing our debt by paying down several of our outstanding loans. This was a highly acceptable provision to give our members a yearly windfall, while still being able to control our ability to keep finances in order so as to not harm the Nation via extravagant spending and curtailing costs in the long run. I have a strong work ethic that has been attained through family values and past experience and will continue this endeavor into the future. In closing, I want to thank everyone who supported me in the Primary Election and I am asking for your continued support for the position of Council Member in the upcoming General Election. I will continue my commitment to the betterment of the Nation by working together with my peers and defending our sovereignty.

Jennifer Webster

Sagoli & Greetings, I am a candidate for Oneida Business Committee “Council Member” and would greatly appreciate your support. I will have completed my first term on council and am excited for the future of our great Nation. I have been employed with the Nation for over 30 years, this includes Bingo, Gaming Accounting, Business Committee staff and Finance/Purchasing/Travel. I bring extensive knowledge of the structure, processes & practices of the Oneida Nation. I was elected to three terms on the Oneida Appeals Commission. Currently, I serve on Legislative Operating Committee , Vice-Chair of Audit Committee, Finance Committee, and Community Development Planning Committee. I bring Leadership, Management, Communications, and Business skills. I own a business with my husband “Web’s Kustom Touch Auto Body” of 16 years. My education includes UW-Oshkosh Small Business Management & Marketing Certification Program and Omega Travel Agent Series. A lifelong resident of Oneida, I’m married to Don Webster for 27 years, 3 grown children, 1 daughter in law, 2 grandchildren and joyfully awaiting a third grandchild. My parents are Gordon & Betty McLester, Grandparents; Pearl McLester and the late Lee McLester, and the late Ted & Mamie Benson. I am a responsible and productive member of our community and believe our language and strong culture base is what define us as a Sovereign Nation. I believe in Fiscal responsibility and Accountable spending. I believe in creating stronger laws to help build a stronger Government that increases our sovereignty as a Nation. With my personal and professional dedication, determination and knowledge, I humbly ask for your vote. I am committed to this community, committed to Public Trust and I would be honored to have your vote for “Council Member” on July 8.


Jennifer (Jenny) Webster

Michael T. Debraska

Kirby W. Metoxen

Shekoli, Having been employed with the Tribe for over 25 years, I’ve had the opportunity to share our rich culture & history to the outside world and to tell our history, not ‘his’ story. This is an area that I hold very close to my heart and I would advocate for. Along with our government, I believe our language and land base is just as important as a Sovereign Nation. They are key to our sustainability. I would make this a priority for the Oneida Nation. With our blood quantum as is we are extinct in 100 years. As a nation, it is imperative we take action soon. With all of the opportunities and services we are provided, we cannot forget about what is important. I can’t emphasize this enough. Our children and our elders should be our priority. The elders with their wisdom and the children are the future. We need to protect them and make sure all the opportunities and services we are granted today are available to them and their children long into the future. As the tribe grows in the corporate world, we are unique as a nation – which was built on the shoulders of our ancestors and loyal employees. We need to keep them in mind and see them as a valued component as we grow. Protecting their vision and our employees in the future would be another priority on my list. With your help I believe we can move our Nation forward to ensure our history, our culture, our language and land base are protected. I’m very humbled by the outpouring of support that I received in the primary. Your continued support in the general election on July 8th is sincerely appreciated.

Kirby W. Metoxen

Dylan Benton

My name is Dylan Benton, Bear Clan. I’m running for a seat on the Oneida Business Committee in the 2017 General Tribal Election. I serve the Nation as Chairman of the Oneida Library Board, elected official for Oneida Trust & Enrollment Committee, and member of the General Tribal Council. I’m also an employee, Assistant Thunderhawks Football Coach, and Language/ Culture Instructor for the MOC program. We need to review the petition process for GTC meetings. There is a need for a nurturing and educational environment for citizens to learn how to become knowledgeable GTC members. As a whole, we need to learn how to use resources to find truth for ourselves. Not having enough info is a root of so much frustration and unwarranted mistrust between the OBC and GTC and tribal citizens. In the long-term, we need to diversify our economy and create new revenue to strengthen community and create new jobs. We must invest in renewable energy initiatives so our Nation doesn’t need to rely so heavily on foreign and outdated and energy sources. As a current language/ culture educator, my decisions are based on what is best for the 7th generation. It is our duty to leave this Nation in better shape than it is now. Sustainability and long-term prosperity are the key issues. My family background includes the Skenandore, John, Parkhurst, and Green families. My great-great-grandparents are Jenny (Skenandore) and Hyson John. My great-grandparents are Freeman and Rena (John) Parkhurst. My grandparents are Wilma (Parkhurst) and step-grandfather Bobby Green, Jr. My parents are Sherrole Benton, awardwinning journalist, and Matt O’Claire (deceased) Conservation Officer & former Bad River Tribal Council Member. For more info: or visit my website at www. on a PC or tablet. I ask for your vote in the General Election on July 8th.

Joey E. Powless

Learn It. Do it. Change It. I humbly ask you to VOTE JOEY E. POWLESS for OBC on July 8th, 2017. My overall focus is on reducing the drug and alcohol capacity in the atmosphere of our youth. Utilizing the best practice approaches and options for our youth through our language, culture based knowledge and activities. Our children are our priority and represent our future. We must continue to provide leadership, opportunities and awareness. Drugs and alcohol within our reservation are easily attainable and consistently changing. There has never been more need to keep our youth’s minds strong. Teach them to make better choices, to see that they ALWAYS have a choice, as do we!

  • I will demand Positive change, action and results that benefit us all. Carefully consider all actions and consequences for the Nation. It’s my philosophy that I can’t expect more in performance or commitment than I myself am willing to deliver. That includes being professional and being in my office daily – to meet the needs of the Nation.
  • Language/Cultural Initiatives: I will continue to support and promote the Oneida language program to initiate actions that result in increased language speaking and learning opportunities for young and old.
  • GTC: I welcome and am willing to listen to all viewpoints, to promote sustainability to become stronger, healthier and to live better and less dependent on outside influences.
  • Organizational Change: Contribute to teamwork, coordination, and minimal bureaucracy.

I’ve been employed with the Oneida Nation for 18 years. I’m currently involved with the Oneida Language program. I’m a single father of two children who can personally attest that I currently support the priorities for our community I’ve mentioned. So choose a VOTE that stands up, a VOTE that is strong, and a VOTE our youth can hear!

Fawn J. Billie

Yvonne Metivier

The Oneida people work hard to protect their families, resources, land, Tribal sovereignty….elected leaders must HEAR the voices of all the Oneida people. The General Tribal Council has been a place of great learning about the Oneida people who are hardworking in the meetings and are powerful; each tribal GTC has one vote. Since 2008, the GTC grew from 75 at meeting to approximately 1500 tribal members. The GTC makes good decisions when they are given the correct information. For example, the GTC voted to dissolve Seven Generations and saved the Tribe 30 million dollars on an ill-advised and non-profitable venture on an outdated waste to energy device. GTC supported my .99 cent raise for employees under 65k when the BC failed to put raises in the 2015 Budget. Double Masters in Social Work and Programming, Planning and Administration. Worked primarily in Educational Settings: College of Santa Fe, University of New Mexico, and Caltech. Served in Romer Administration in Denver, Colorado, interned for Governor Tony Anaya in New Mexico, and worked on many campaigns Yvonne Metivier as staffer for state and national campaigns. Award-winning political columnist for News Chronicle for five years. Published Oneida Times for 15 years, at my own expense and the support of subscribers, and exposed (BROKE THE STORY) Housing Board misusing thousands and thousands of the people’s money for their own televisions, gambling, travel, manicures and pedicures. Will work hard for you because the Oneida people that I know work hard to contribute to their people and their government. In 1938, the Oneida Chairman received Government money, farm equipment: kept it all from other Oneidas. The greatest challenge for this Tribe is the SINISTER PIG, the one that rushes to the trough and takes more than his share. I will fight for your rightful share.

Keith Danforth

Diane Danforth House

Dear GTC: I will not make the usual promises to get you to vote for me-promises such as protecting the elders/ children/sovereignty, or increasing our land base, etc. These considerations should go without saying they have always been our priorities. However, I will promise to promote respectful, inclusive, and informed dialogue and principled decision-making if you elect me to represent you on the OBC. What does this mean?

  • Informed dialogue is the respectful exchange of ideas and opinions aimed at a resolution. I will be informed on what is important to you. It works both ways, though. You will need to provide your opinions when the opportunities arise – through conversations, community and GTC meetings, surveys, etc.
  • I will be present, and ready to do my “homework” to seek out the best information possible before making any decisions
  • Decisions will be based on real data-not on half-truths or rumor
  • I will consider all options and their impact, risk
  • Decisions will be made with a good and open mind, with consideration to our values and ways
  • Decisions will be made with the best of intentions/no conflicts or bias
  • Decisions will be transparent/made in the open
  • Decisions will be made for the “greater good”/ community rather than to benefit just a few

The end result will be fair and equitable decisions-decisions you would have made. Decisions that are based on real information, made with full consideration of their impacts. Decisions made for the right reasons. These decisions, made on your behalf, will then be vigorously defended. We may not always agree on everything but by working together toward a consensus on the best direction to take, we can keep moving forward. I really believe we have so much to be grateful for and can do great things for our Nation by working together.

Respectfully submitted

Ernest Stevens iii

Shawn W. Skenandore

My name is Shawn W Skenandore. My Parents are Debra Ninham & Dennis Skenandore; Grand parents the late Nelson & Rebecca Ninham and the late Lorraine Metoxen. I have a very special person in my life that help raise me and groom me in to the person I am today and that person is Step dad Tim King. My family is Ms. Brandy John, together we have three daughters and one son and Together we have helped numerous of families in our community and opened our home to our youth of our community to live with us. Things I would like to accomplish if I am elected Open door policy Investigate employee relationships making sure the front line workers are being treated fairly Help support the new Oneida Nation High School to give our future their own identity along with giving them something to be proud of Implementing and working with tribal law office to write up a zero tolerance in drug dealing and gangs within our great tribal nation Take a $5k pay cut each term and have the money to be placed back to our elder and youth programs – $15k in a three-year term. Work with and support the vision of Oneida planning to develop the lands we have now to make a better future for our community I strongly believe in supporting our community first we need to take care of our people first. Build more housing affordable for all tribal members Preserve our culture and language as Oscar Archiquette was my great grandfather and it would be a great honor to continue all his work he did to preserve the language and culture of our great tribal nation.

Thank you for your support and vote Shawn W. Skenandore

John J. Danforth

Daniel Guzman-King

Change to Sustainability by Exercising our Sovereignty Shekoli, Greetings to each and every one of you. As a member of Oneida nation, I am truly grateful for all that our nation provides for our people. We all (myself included) have benefited in one form or another from what has been established in our nation. As a councilman, I would like to see this nation come together to create positive change; and so I will focus on creating initiatives that provide sustainability that future generations will benefit from. But all of the ideas, initiatives, and new programs would be pointless if we cannot come together as one. We need to put our differences aside in order to move forward as a nation. Let the mistakes of the past stay in the past, then let us learn from those mistakes and do better so we can improve our community. Let us create an environment where we become more focused on helping one another versus hurting and blaming one another. As our nation continues to grow, the needs of our communities continue to grow. And so we must begin to change in order to meet the needs of our communities. We need to be thinking sustainably and acting sovereign in all that we do. We do not know what the future will bring but we must be prepared for it. Our decision makers must also be unified in order to function as a strong unit and accomplish the difficult tasks that come before them. And so when you vote, vote intelligently. Know whom you are voting for and why. As a councilman, I would like to work with you on creating that path of change for sustainability. Let’s get sustainable. Let’s get sovereign! Vote for sovereignty. VOTE for DANIEL GUZMAN-KING!

Linda "Buffy" Dallas

Sagoli! Everyone! I graduated in 2015 with a Degree in Paralegal Studies, in 2016 with a Degree in Business Management Development, and May 2017 with a Degree in Leadership Development/ Supervisory Management. I anticipate graduating in December 2017 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Nonprofit Organizations. I have knowledge and experience in areas that include, but are not limited to, Oneida Tribal, Inter-Tribal, Local, State and Federal Government-to-Government and Community Relations, Housing Development and Regulation, Gaming Operations and Regulation, Human Resources, Retail, Business Management, Supervision, Communication, Marketing, Health and Human services, Election Board, Tribal, InterTribal, and State Judicial Processes and Systems. I am currently an Oneida Elder Benefit Specialist for the Oneida Nation, Wisconsin. As part of my professional role and responsibilities, I was the Site Supervisor for both the Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion programs. I will utilize my specialized knowledge and experience to guide our nation into the future, with an emphasis in matters that concern our ever growing elder population. As an elected Oneida Business Committee Councilwoman, I will utilize my education, knowledge, skill set and experiences to help our people of all ages find the resources they need in a caring, compassionate, professional, courteous, timely and efficient manner. It doesn’t matter who the person is, who they know or whether or not they like me, I will help them. I will treat everyone equally and fairly. I am committed to helping our people achieve their dreams and to locate the resources needed to successfully accomplish their goals. I respectfully request your support and vote at the polls on Saturday, July 8, 2017, in both Oneida and Milwaukee from 7am to 7pm. Yaw^ko (Thank You) and Sawehnisliyohak (Have a good day).


Linda S. Dallas

Additional/Contact Info