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Family Court


Welcome to the Family Court.

The Oneida Family Court is a court convened to decide matters and make orders in relation to family law, such as divorce, child support, and custody of children. The court is tasked with:

  • Providing for the administration of law and justice;
  • Exercising the inherent power to apply and enforce Oneida law as it pertains to the family and/or children;
  • Providing a knowledgeable, fair, and impartial forum for the resolution of all family law matters; and
  • Supporting a separation of Tribal governmental powers.


Robert J. Collins, II, Judge

Rodney Dequaine, Judge

Pixie DeGrand, Clerk of Court

Kristina Denny, Clerk of Court

Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)

A GAL is an individual appointed by the court to represent the best interests of a child or other individual involved in a court case.   Serving as a GAL is a unique opportunity for community members with a sincere concern for the well-being of children.    

Policies and procedures governing GALs:  

Minimum Standards of Character and Suitability for Certification

Guardian ad Litem Invoicing and Billing Policy

Travel Time Rule

Additional/Contact Info