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Trust Enrollments

Important Notices

  • Due to decreasing enrollment applications, the Trust Enrollment Committee will now be reviewing new enrollments on a semi-annual basis. Below is the schedule of when the Trust Enrollment Committee will meet to review enrollment applications. This schedule began November 2018.
    August 1 – January 31 February
    February 1 – July 31 August


  • Beginning March 2020 any Tribal ID that does not have an expiration date will not be recognized by the Trust Enrollment Department, nor will they be recognized as valid forms of identification at Tribal functions such as GTC meetings or Oneida Elections. This is pursuant to BC Resolution 03-14-18-A.


  • On July 26, 2017, the Business Committee adopted amendments to the Cemetery Law moving cemetery duties over to the Division of Land Management. For cemetery information or plot purchases, please visit Land Management’s webpage.
Additional/Contact Info