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Minor’s Trust

Minor Trust Accounts

The FY24 Minor Trust Payment/Deferral Form and FY24 Minor Trust Terms and Conditions can be accessed by clicking the links below:

FY2024 Minor Trust Payment/ Deferral Form

FY 2024 Minor Trust Terms and Conditions


Deadline to submit FY24 Minor Trust Payment/Deferral Form is:

Monday, July 1, 2024, 4:30 pm (CST)


Minor Trust Accounts are established for enrolled Tribal Members under the age of 18 who are eligible to receive per capita payments in accordance with the Per Capita Law. Instead of distributing a per capita payment to a minor under the age of 18, that payment is deposited into a trust account. The trust account is invested until the minor turns 18 and has the opportunity to claim pursuant to the Per Capita Trust Agreement’s regular distribution schedule.

To learn more about the Minors Trust Fund, how the Minors Trust Fund is invested, and an overview of the distribution process, please watch the video below. The video is lengthy, so if you are looking for specific information, please reference the following time stamps:

Part 1: How Does the Minors Trust Work? [00min : 48sec]

Part 2: How Do the Investments Work? [10min : 46sec]

Part 3: How Do I Claim My Money? [22min : 11sec]


Trust Account Beneficiary Designation: Pursuant to section 123.5-3(b) of Per Capita law, trust account holders (minors and legally incompetent adults) can now designate people to receive their trust accounts in the event of their death. By filling out a Trust Account Beneficiary Designation Form, a lengthy probate process can be avoided.

Legal guardians are able to designate beneficiaries on the trust account holder’s behalf, and you can update your beneficiaries any time prior to trust account distribution or the trust account holder’s death. Certain restrictions apply. See section 123.5-3 of the Per Capita law for more information.

A Minors Trust Account is invested one of two ways depending on the member’s age. If the member is aged between 0 and 14 years old, their Minors Trust Account is part of the “0-14” portfolio. This portfolio is considered to have a “moderate” investment style allowing for about 60% of investments in stocks and 40% of investments in bonds. A moderate investment style allows some risk to attain long-term games. If a member is aged 15 years or older, their account is part of the “15+” portfolio. This portfolio is considered to have a “conservative” investment style allowing for about 20% of investments in stock and 80% of investments in bonds. A conservative investment style intends to minimize risk, preserve principal, while earning short-term gains.

Pursuant to section 123.6.-1(c) of Per Capita Law, because the market affects the value of trust accounts, minors trust beneficiaries are not guaranteed any specific amount of distribution.

Individual statements of a Minors Trust Account and performance of the Minors Trust 0-14 and 15+ portfolios’ performance is mailed quarterly to the address on record for the minor. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to keep enrolled minor children’s address and other information current with the Trust Enrollment Department. The quarterly performance of both the 0-14 and 15+ portfolios can also be view in the links below:






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