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About Family Services


The Family Services Department was established in 1997 in an effort to group service related programs together. The Family Support Services Department mission is:

To provide those services necessary to meet the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual well-being needs of the children, youth and families within the Oneida community in a manner that strengthens, empowers and is respectful to each ones character and cultural interest. Tsyakitsy^tha – Healing families together. 

The department also connects its efforts and services to the vision held by the Oneida Tribe of Indians:

A nation of strong families and individuals built on Tsi? niyukwaliho t^ and a strong economy.

 The following is a list of those programs and services which make up the department.

Clientele for department services is typically determined by enrollment or eligibility for enrollment. The membership always has priority with consideration given to significant others or family members who are not eligible for enrollment.

The department is overseen by the Director of the Family Support Services Department and can be reached by calling 920-490-3701.

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