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Foster Care

The mission of the Oneida Child Placement Agency is to recruit, license, train and support American Indian foster homes and the Oneida children they care for.

Oneida Nation Foster Care Program is a state licensed, tribal run Child Placing Agency developed to facilitate out-of-home placements for Oneida Children when family is unavailable. In Wisconsin, there are more Native American children in foster care than there are licensed Native American foster parents. Children are at risk of being placed outside of their communities and/or away from their tribes, thus creating more barriers to reunification.

Please take the time to understand the need we have for more Oneida Foster homes. We are always looking for homes to care for children of all ages, genders, and individuals or sibling groups; potential foster parents can determine what special considerations will work for them.

As part of the foster care program, we offer:
· Foster care training to help prepare you to become a well-informed foster parent
· Foster Care Coordinator home visits and will explain step by step the process and expectations in becoming foster parent
· Opportunities for ongoing training to keep you up to date on foster care changes and trends
· A Resource Library
· Respite Care
· An On-going support team which includes both an Indian Child Welfare  and County Social Worker.

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