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Oneida Code of Laws

The citation to the right of each law refers to the Oneida Business Committee (BC) or General Tribal Council (GTC) resolution that adopted or amended the law or rule.


Chapter 101 Administrative Procedures Act     BC# 02-24-16-B
Chapter 102  Election       GTC-04-23-17-A
Chapter 103 Code of Ethics     BC-09-27-06 E
Chapter 104 Removal Law     BC-05-28-14-B
Chapter 105

Boards, Committees, and Commissions   BC-09-26-18-C 

Chapter 106 Administrative Rulemaking      BC-08-09-17-A
Chapter 107 Open Records and Open Meetings     BC-06-25-14-B
Chapter 108 Internal Audit    BC-08-09-17-B
Chapter 109 Legislative Procedures Act    GTC-01-07-13-A
Chapter 110 Ten Day Notice Policy    BC-08-02-00-A
Chapter 111  GTC Meeting Stipend Payment Policy    BC-02-13-13-E
Chapter 112 Sovereign Immunity    BC-02-12-14-D
Chapter 113 Protection Management of Archeological Historical Resources   BC-06-10-98-A
Chapter 114  Notary Act     BC-02-25-15-C
Chapter 115 Tobacco    BC-01-25-17-B
Chapter 116

 Oneida Nation Seal and Flag    BC-01-11-17-C

Chapter 117  Oneida Business Committee Meetings    BC-07-26-17-H
Chapter 121  Budget Management and Control    BC-02-08-17-C
Chapter 123

  Per Capita    BC-02-22-17-D

Chapter 124

Membership Ordinance    GTC-07-02-84-A

Chapter 125

 Community Support Fund     BC-01-11-17-B

Chapter 126 Pardon and Forgiveness    BC-01-22-14-B
Chapter 127 Cemetery Law   BC-07-26-17-K
Chapter 128 Oneida Nation Arts Program-Dollars For Arts Project Policies   BC-09-13-00-C
Chapter 129 Children’s Burial Fund Policy     BC-02-10-10-B
Chapter 130 Hall of Fame    BC-07-03-07-A
Chapter 131 Endowments   BC-04-12-17-D


Oneida Nation Constitution


A to Z

Administrative Procedures Act

Administrative Rulemaking

Alcohol Beverage Licensing Law

All-Terrain Vehicle

Anonymous Letters Policy

Arts Program-Dollars For Arts Project Policies

Attorney Contract Policy

Back Pay

Building Code

Boards, Committees, and Commissions

Budget Management and Control

Business Committee Meetings, Oneida

Cemetery Law

Children’s Burial Fund Policy

Children’s Code

Child Care Department Consumer Complaint

Child Custody Placement and Visitation

Child Support

Clean Air Policy

Code of Ethics

Conflict of Interest

Community Support Fund

Computer Resources Ordinance

Condominium Ordinance

Constitution and By-laws


Disposition of Excess Property Policy

Divorce Annulment Legal Separation

Domestic Animals

Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

Early Childhood Internal Investigation of Complaints

Early Return to Work


Emergency Management and Homeland Security


Eviction and Termination

Family Court

Family Court Rules

Food Service Code, Oneida

Furlough Policy


General Tribal Council Meeting Stipend Payment Policy

Hall of Fame

Hunting, Fishing and Trapping

Independent Contractor Policy

Indian Preference in Contracting

Internal Audit

Investigative Leave Policy


Judiciary Canons of Judicial Conduct

Law Enforcement Ordinance, Oneida Nation

Legal Resource Center


Local Land Use Regulation Reimbursement

Layoff Policy


Legislative Procedures Act


Membership Ordinance

Military Service Employee Protection Act

Mortgage and Foreclosure

Motor Vehicle Registration

Non Metallic Mine Reclamation

Notary Act

ONGO – Oneida Nation Gaming Ordinance

Onsite Waste Disposal

Open Records and Open Meetings

Paper Reduction Policy

Pardon and Forgiveness


Per Capita

Professional Conduct for Attorneys and Advocates

Protection Management of Archeological Historical Resources

Public Use of Tribal Land

Real Property

Recycling Solid Waste Disposal

Removal Law

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect, Oneida Policy

Room Tax Law

Rules of Appellate Procedure

Rules of Civil Procedure, Oneida Judiciary

Rules of Evidence

Safety Law, Oneida

Seal and Flag, Oneida Nation


Small Business Loans

Social Media Policy

Sovereign Immunity

Tattooing and Body Piercing

Ten Day Notice Policy, General Tribal Council


Tribal Environmental Quality Review

Tribal Environmental Response

Travel and Expense Policy

Trust Scholarship Fund Policy

Vehicle Driver Certification and Fleet Management

Vendor Licensing

Water Resources

Well Abandonment

Whistleblower Protection 

Woodcutting Ordinance

Workers Compensation Law, Oneida

Workplace Violence

Zoning and Shoreland Protection

Additional/Contact Info