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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is a standing committee of the Oneida Business Committee that serves Oneida Membership by overseeing the Tribal Audit processes and the investigation of any alleged or suspected improprieties or violations of our fiscal and ethics policies, codes, regulations and directives.

The Oneida Business Committee adopted the amended Audit Committee Bylaws on April 14, 2021.

For additional information, visit the Internal Audit webpage at:


The Committee normally meets the third Thursday of each month. For immediate questions or  concerns, please contact Rebecca Schommer at (920) 869-4359 or [email protected].


The Audit Committee is comprised of (4) four Business Committee members selected concurrently with election of the Oneida Business Committee: August 2020 through July 2023, and one enrolled Oneida community member.

Committee Chair
David P. Jordan
[email protected]
Committee Vice-Chair
Marie Summers
[email protected]
Executive Assistant
Rhiannon “RC” Metoxen
[email protected]
Committee Member
Vice Chairman
Brandon Stevens
[email protected]
Committee Member
Lisa Liggins
[email protected]
Executive Assistant
Danelle Wilson
[email protected]

Committee Community Member
Jim Skenandore

Report Access

Oneida Membership may review Internal Audit reports, thereby enhancing the transparency of government activities.

Oneida Tribal Members can make a request to view final audit reports by completing one of the following and submitting to the Audit Committee:

  • Oneida Tribal Member Request to Review Final Audit Reports (form)
  • Handwritten request
  • E-mail request to Audit Committee Chairperson

Please see the Oneida Tribal Member Requests to Review Final Audit Reports (SOP) and the list of audits available for review.

Request an Audit

Any Oneida Tribal Member or employee of the Tribe can submit a request for an audit to be performed by completing an Internal Audit Request Form

  • This form may also be obtained from the Internal Audit Department.
  • Submit completed form back to Internal Audit for review and approval.
  • Audit Committee will make final approval/referral/denial decision.
  • Priority for project completion is assigned within the department.
Additional/Contact Info