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Public Meetings

Current Public Meetings & Open Public Comment Periods

In accordance with the Legislative Procedures Act, the Legislative Operating Committee is required to host a public meeting and open a public comment period on each proposal to adopt, amend, or repeal an Oneida law or policy.

Community Outreach Events

The LOC holds community outreach events in an effort to collect thoughts and ideas from the community at the beginning of the legislative process. When the LOC feels that the community may have a particular interest in proposed legislation these events are held in addition to the formal public meetings required by the Legislative Procedures Act.

Public Meeting Archives

The following is a list of  previous public meetings held this term. Next to each proposal are the links to the public meeting materials that were provided for that item. 

For public meetings for legislation (laws), there are also links to memoranda containing all of the written and spoken comments received for each item – if any public comments were received.  Each memo also includes the drafting attorney’s response/ recommendations for each comment. These memos are submitted to the LOC, which is ultimately responsible for determining whether to make any changes to the draft proposal based on the comments and on the drafting attorney’s response/recommendations.

For public meetings for rules, please contact the sponsoring agency for more information about public comments received.

To find out more about public meetings held prior to this term, please contact the Legislative Reference Office.





Materials Comment Review
6/15/11 LOC Children’s Code Amendments Materials  
5/18/22 LOC Elder Assistance Program Law Materials Comment Review
5/4/22 LOC Healing to Wellness Court Law Materials Comment Review
4/13/22 LOC Oneida Nation Gaming Ordinance Amendments Materials  Comment Review
2/2/22 LOC Budget Management and Control Law Amendments Materials  Comment Review
11/11/21 LOC Furlough Law Amendments  Materials  Comment Review 
10/13/21 LOC Oneida General Welfare Law  Materials  Comment Review 
9/16/21 LOC Local Land Use Regulation Reimbursement Policy Repeal Materials  Comment Review 
6/9/21 LOC Public Peace Law Materials Comment Review
6/9/21 LOC Oneida General Welfare Law Amendments – Garnishment and Attachment Materials Comment Review
5/3/21 Economic Support Services Department Community Support Fund Law Rule Handbook Amendments Materials Comment Review
1/13/21 LOC Community Support Fund Law Amendments Materials Comment Review
1/13/21 LOC Emergency Management and Homeland Security Law Amendments Materials Comment Review


What is a Public Meeting?

In accordance with the Legislative Procedures Act, the Legislative Operating Committee is required to host a public meeting and to open a public comment period on each proposal to adopt, amend or repeal an Oneida law or policy. In accordance with the Administrative Rulemaking Law, entities who are delegated rulemaking authority (i.e. “sponsoring agencies”) are required to host a public meeting and to open a public comment period on each proposal to adopt, amend or repeal a Rule that has been promulgated in furtherance of an Oneida law or policy.

The Public Meeting materials (including the draft proposal, legislative analysis and other relevant documents) will be made available at the Public Meeting and can be obtained in advance through the Legislative Reference Office (for legislative proposals) or sponsoring agency (for rules) and will be published here on the Oneida Register.

The Membership is invited to submit data, views or arguments regarding these proposals – either by speaking at public meetings; and/or by submitting written comments during the public comment period.

Oral testimony/spoken comment is accepted at each Public Meeting, and will become part of the record. Participants are encouraged to provide a written transcript or summary of their testimony at the meeting, or before the end of the public comment period. Time limits for providing oral testimony may be imposed on the day of the meeting, but cannot be less than five minutes.

Public comment periods must remain open for at least five business days after a public meeting is held. Written comments for legislative proposals can be submitted to the Tribal Secretary’s Office or the Legislative Reference Office. Written comments for any proposal to adopt, amend or repeal a rule can be submitted to the sponsoring agency. Specific information on how to submit written comments will always be published in the public meeting materials for each proposal.

Before the LOC can submit a final draft proposal to the OBC to consider adopting, the LOC is also required to consider all verbal and written comments received during the public meeting and public comment period. Similarly, the sponsoring agency must consider all verbal and written comments received during the public meeting and the public comment period.


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