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Enrollment & Descendants


Individuals who want to enroll with the Oneida Nation, must posses at least 1/4 Oneida Nation blood degree by proving ancestry to a member listed on the Wisconsin Oneida Nation 1935 base roll. Blood degrees from other Oneida Nations and Tribes are not recognized at this time.

The Oneida Trust Enrollment Committee reviews Enrollment Applications quarterly. Enrollment Applications Received:

November 1 to January 31 – reviewed in February
February 1 to April 30 – reviewed in May
May 1 to July 31 – reviewed in August
August 1 to October 31 – reviewed in November

Membership Ordinance


Descendant are individuals born from enrolled Oneida citizens but do not meet the eligibility requirements for enrollment with the Oneida Nation. To be recognized as a Descendant you must establish ancestry to an enrolled member listed on the 1935 base roll. Descendant Certifications are used for assistance at the Oneida Health Center and/or other programs.
Descendant Application (for new applicants)

Descendant Reissue (for established descendants)

Family Tree Request



Enrolled Oneida tribal members may voluntarily relinquish their membership from the Oneida Nation through the following method:

Adults (18+)

Minors (under 18)

  • Relinquishment of children may only be considered for purposes of enrollment into another federally recognized Tribe or Band.
  • Children may only be relinquished at the request of the Oneida parent who has submitted a notarized relinquishment form on the child’s behalf.
  • The Oneida Trust Enrollment Department will verify that an application for enrollment was submitted on the child’s behalf with another Tribe.

Relinquishment of Members with Trust Accounts

  • If a member with a trust account relinquishes their membership from the Oneida Nation, their trust account will be deposited to a joint-savings account held in the name of the relinquished individual and the Trust Enrollment Department.
  • The relinquished individual may claim the entire balance of the joint-savings account; however, they must abide by the same eligibility requirements to claim and the universal distribution dates.
  • If the relinquished individual refuses to claim their trust account or fails to meet the distribution deadlines, the Trust Enrollment Department will deposit the remaining balance of their trust account into the pooled account as stated in Section 123.5-5 of the Per Capita Law.
  • See section 123.5-4 of the Per Capita Law for more details

The Oneida Trust Enrollment Committee will review requests for relinquishment at their quarterly new enrollment meetings.

Upon approval by the Oneida Trust Enrollment Committee, the requests are submitted to the Oneida Business Committee for final approval.

NOTE: Re-enrollment of an individual may be considered through the current enrollment process. Re-enrollees are not entitled to the per capita payments they missed while relinquished.

DNA Testing

Paternity or Sibling DNA testing is available through the Oneida Trust Enrollment Department for the purpose of enrollment, descendant, or blood degree increase with the Oneida Nation for individuals that are over age 18.

Fee: $24 per person tested  (Money Order Only)

DNA testing is by appointment only. Contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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