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Community Health Services

Community Health Services Mission: 

The Community Health Services Department is a responsive leader in promoting health and preventing disease through collaborative efforts in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating services to meet the holistic health needs of our Oneida Community. 

CHS Departments

Community Health Services (CHS) are provided by the following departments:


Community Health Nursing- Population Based

Car Seat Education Clinics, Wellness Education, Immunization Clinics, Communicable Disease Investigation, School Nursing, and Prenatal Care Program
**For more information on CHN Population Based services please call (920) 869-4840

Community Health Nursing- Case Management

Community Health Nurses, Community Health Representatives, and Medical Transportation
**For more information on CHN Case Management services please call (920) 869-4995

Community Health Case Management-Long Term Care

Family Care, Tribal Dementia Care Specialist, and In Home Care Program
**For more information on Community Health Long Term Care Case Management services please call (920) 869-4995.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Programs such as Diabetes Prevention Program and Wellness Coaching for making lifestyle changes to improve health and quality of life.
**For more information on Health Promotion services please call (920) 490-3927

Nutrition Services and WIC Program

Educates and empowers the community toward healthy lifestyles for today and the future.
**For more information on WIC and Nutrition services please call (920) 869-4829

What's New


Oneida Comprehensive Health is SMOKE-FREE click here to learn more.

Nation Public Health Accreditation


November 20, 2018 – Oneida Community Health Services achieves public health accreditation!

Community Health Services Accreditation Resources:
National Indian Health Board Website
Public Health Accreditation Board Website
Community Health Services Essential Public Health Services Poster

How Accreditation Improves Our Health
Hospitals, schools, police, and fire departments employ standards to help protect and serve the public.  Public health accreditation standards assure local health departments maximize their potential to protect and improve people’s health in their communities. Accreditation is a successful program for routinely assessing performance and improving quality!

Community Health Improvement Plan


Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) 2018-2022

  • Goal: Improve physical wellness in the Oneida Community – 90-Day Plan
  • Goal: Improve emotional wellbeing in the Oneida Community – 90-Day Plan

Click here for the 2018 Data Summit presentation.

View Local Physical Activity Events

About Us

Community Health Services: 2018-2020 Strategic Plan


Director of Community Health Services
Eric Krawczyk, MPH, MCHES – Community/Public Health Officer

Population Based Programming
Michelle Myers, BSN, RN – Community/Public Health Nursing Supervisor
Carol Torres – Administrative Assistant
Candi Cornelius, MSN, RN, CLC – Prenatal Care Coordinator
Char Kizior, BSN, RN, NCSN – Headstart Nurse Consultant
Kristine Labby, BSN, RN – School Nurse Consultant
Andrea Kolitsch, BSN, RN- Community/Public Health Nurse
Leah Fuss, MSN, RN – Community/Public Health Nurse

Community Health Nursing Case Management
Brenda Haen, BSN, RN – Community Health Manager
Neva Archiquette – Community Health Representative
Louetta Fowler, BSN, RN – Community Health Nurse
Vicki Johnson – Community Health Representative
Toni Walking Eagle – Community Health Representative
Maria Danforth – Community Health Representative
Phyl Shaline, BSN, RN – Community Health Nurse
Brittany Skenandore, BSN, RN – Community Health Nurse
Barb Webster, BSN, RN – Community Health Nurse

Community Health Case Management Long Term Care
Carrie Lindsey, BSW, CSW – Case Management Supervisor
Tammy Skenandore – Administrative Assistant
Michael Longcore – Home Care Worker
Lorleen John – Home Care Worker
Debra Miller, BSW, CSW – Dementia Care Specialist
Mallory Patton – Case Manager
Tamar Ramirez – Home Care Worker
Beatrice Skenandore – Home Care Worker
Ted Skubal, BSW, CSW – Community Options Program Social Worker

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Tina Jorgensen, MS, RDN, CD – Health Promotion Supervisor
Mary Arndt- Data Coordinator
Dawn Krines Glatt – Health Promotion Specialist
Tahkwatekwa (Tek) Skenandore – Health Promotion Specialist
Stefanie Reinke – Health Promotion Specialist

Susan Higgs, RDN, CD – WIC/Nutrition Manager
Betty Schwantes, RDN, CD, CDE – Dietitian-Diabetes Educator
Brittany Nikolich, RDN, CD – Dietitian-Youth Consultant
Alyssa Hudak, RDN, CD, CLC – Dietitian-Lactation Coordinator
Jackie Havel, RDN, CD – Dietitian-WIC Outpatient
Carlissa Diedrich, RDN, CD – Dietitian-WIC Outpatient
Heidi McCann, RDN, CD – Dietitian-WIC Outpatient
Stacy Skenandore – Peer Breastfeeding Counselor

Additional/Contact Info