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Oneida Life Insurance Plan Plus


General Tribal Council Resolution 01-17-2009-B created the Oneida Life Insurance Plan Plus (OLIPP) as a valuable new benefit for every enrolled member. OLIPP was designed to replace the Oneida Burial Fund that had served us well for many years.

OLIPP became effective on October 1, 2009, for every member and transitioned to a payment distributed by Oneida Trust Enrollments Department on October 1, 2022. The cost of this plan is completely paid for by the Oneida Nation. Each adult member (18 years and older) will need to name the beneficiary(ies) of their choice on a OLIPP Form.  The OLIPP Form (Minor) form will need to be completed for minor members who have not reached the age of 18 years old.

Q & A – 2023

Q: What is GWA OLIPP?

Answer:  This stands for General Welfare Act Oneida Life Insurance Plan Plus.

Q: How does GWA OLIPP work?

Answer: In the event of a member’s death the GWA OLIPP benefit pays up to $15,000 to funeral home to cover final expenses. If a beneficiary form is on file, the remainder will be distributed to your named beneficiary(ies).

The intent of this benefit is to provide for the final expenses of a deceased member as part of their general welfare needs, so their family is not burdened.

Q: How long is the process to receive payment?

Answer: Once a certified death certificate is received along with all other forms, we can start the process, this could take up to takes 2-3 weeks for payment.

Q: What is the total number of Beneficiary forms on file for our members?

Answer:  9641 (as of 4/6/23, 66.20%)

Q: What if I don’t have a beneficiary form on file?

Answer: If there’s no beneficiary form is on file, Trust Enrollment Department will still make sure funeral costs will be paid up to the $15,000. Any remaining funds will stay in the GWA OLIPP fund.

Q: Who do I contact to find out if I have a form on file?

Answer: You may call Trust Enrollment Department @ 920-869-6200 or email:

Q: Where can I get an Oneida Beneficiary Designation Form?

Answer: You can contact our office to get a form mailed/emailed/or faxed to you or you may stop in the office to get one.  You may also find the form at our website, listed below is the link:

Click on OLIPP Form (Adult)

Click on OLIPP Form (Minor)

Q: How often can I make changes:

Answer: You can update and make changes at any time. The most important reason to update/or change your beneficiary information should be to remove a deceased beneficiary.

Q: What if I list a minor as primary beneficiary?

Answer: If a minor is listed, we then ask for proof of guardianship of the minor, funds then are distributed to the person in care of the minor.



Children's Burial Fund

Business Committee Resolution 02-10-2010-B created the Children’s Burial Fund.  The Children’s Burial Fund was designed to provide financial assistance towards the funeral costs for children of a certain age who are not enrolled, but are eligible for enrollment with the Oneida Nation. 

The Children’s Burial Fund pays a maximum of $3,500 to defray the cost of funeral expenses.  Generally to be eligible under this policy, the deceased must be five (5) years of age or younger, not enrolled, but eligible for enrollment. 

Children’s Burial Fund Policy 

Estate Planner

Preparing for the future can be a difficult challenge for all of us. We know there are tasks we should take care of in advance and yet we keep putting them off until tomorrow because we don’t want to think about it, but what happens if there is no tomorrow?   

The Estate Planner was created to assist you with funeral planning options as well as providing the individual(s) you trust with important information regarding you and your estate. As difficult and uncomfortable as it may be, planning ahead will help your loved ones carry out your wishes. 

Please note that this Estate Planner will NOT provide you with legal advice and it is NOT meant to be a substitute for speaking to an attorney or someone else who can advise you about your planning needs. The needs and desires of every person are unique and this planner is not designed to address individual situations. There are many important issues that should be addressed when you make your plan, and this planner is not able to address them all. As well, laws vary from state to state and tribe to tribe, and even federal law may be applied differently in each state. This area of law is always evolving, and this planner cannot anticipate or reflect any future changes to the law. Therefore, the creators of this planner make no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content provide by this handbook. (2007, Estate Planning Handbook for Native Americans in Wisconsin)

Estate Planner       Traditional Funerals  

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