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In This Section

Online Forms

Please completely fill out the following two forms.

  • Note that all information will be kept strictly confidential.

Participants need to fill out the following two forms in order to participate in events conducted by Oneida Adventures. The Assumption form needs to be signed for the form to be accepted. Multiple youth names may be added to the first page rather than filling out separate forms for each. However, the second page (Health form) should be filled out individually for each participant.

The first form is an Assumption of Risk and Informed Consent Form that needs to be completed in its entirety. A signature on the bottom of the form is REQUIRED or it will not be accepted.

The Health Information Form allows our facilitators to be aware of physical conditions or medical issues that could impact you while participating in our programing. It is very important for the facilitators to be aware of any limitations that you may be experiencing so we can help adapt our program to ensure you have a positive experience. Sometimes a new health issue arises after filling out the health form. If this occurs, please advise the Adventure staff so we can try to make modifications if necessary.

Experiential and Adventure Program Acknowledgement of Risk and Terms of Use Agreement Form

Experiential and Adventure Program Statement of Health Form


Additional/Contact Info