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Indian Preference

The Oneida Indian Preference law is meant to protect, promote employment opportunities, and provide economic security for the people of our sovereign nation.

Oneida Nation Sovereignty

The Oneida Nation has the inherent sovereign power pursuant to the Buffalo Creek Treaty of 1838 with the U.S. Government to pass laws on behalf of Indian people.

Nation Employees Must Comply

All entities and employees of the nation must comply with the requirements of this law in bidding, contracting and subcontracting work for goods or services for the Oneida Nation.


Stephanie Metoxen
(920) 869-4540

Indian Preference Email:

Reference Material


Oneida Nation Indian Preference Law: Code of Laws page, section Title 5. Business Chapter 502.

Indian Preference Vendor List – April 5, 2024

Indian Preference Vendor List (Under Construction)

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