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About Community and Economic Development

“A Division investing in the future for our Nation and Community” – The Community and Economic Development Division provides the services that a responsible/responsive government provides to its community.

The Community & Economic Development Division of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin provides services that are (on the outside) split between Federal, State and Local, governments. The common element is that we exist to serve public need. Water lines are built to provide safe, plentiful water for homes and businesses while providing fire hydrants to protect those same buildings.  Sewer lines and treatment facilities are built for the protection of public health.  Storm-water installations are designed to protect the public from flooding and damage caused by the increased flows from urbanization.

The graph below indicates the number of services the Oneida Nation’s Community and Economic Development Division offer compared to other municipalities.

To view the full list of services, click here.


Little Bear Development Center is the location of the Community and Economic Development Division Administrative Offices.

On behalf of the Community and Economic Development Division and the Oneida Nation, we are pleased to have you visit our website.  As a part of the Oneida Nation we take pride in our jobs and hope that it shows in the service we provide to the community.

As of March 27, 2017  we employ 184 employees (tribal and non-tribal).  We also employ a variety of positions starting from entry level receptionists, custodians and laborers to architects, engineers and financial analysts.   If you have any questions regarding this site or division please email [email protected].

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