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About Community & Economic Development Division

2018 Economic Development Strategic Plan

Segoli Oneida Nation Members,

It is with great pride, excitement and anticipation that we present our 2018 Oneida Nation Economic Development Strategic Plan

This plan represents a new strategy for the Oneida Nation to take while approaching ventures in todays and tomorrow’s emerging economic opportunities.

Please review this plan and determine how your personal efforts can support this plan and strengthen the economy of the Oneida Nation.

Below you will find a link to our latest Oneida Nation – Economic Development Strategic Plan.

Click Here


Troy D. Parr, AIA
Community & Economic Development Director
Oneida Nation

The New Community & Economic Development Division.
In October of 2017, work was completed to reorganize the (now-formerly known as) Development Division. This allowed for the full implementation of the new organizational structure to support future economic development staffing and program implementation. The updated vision and mission statements of the division are as follows:  

C&EDD Vision
To elevate the Oneida Nation by providing community & economic development practices that nurture and sustain Oneida families to prosperity

C&EDD Mission
To strategically implement systems that foster sustainable development and commerce growth that reflect
Tsiˀ niyukwalihotʌ (our ways) with innovative approaches that enrich the natural, built and business environments.

We look forward to providing new and improved services to support the Economic and Community Development Initiatives of the Oneida Nation with this new focus. This effort will include development of a future business unit to support the Oneida memberships’ entrepreneurial spirit and endeavors.

Revitalizing Economic Development Efforts
Another area of focus has been to revitalize the Economic Development efforts of the Oneida Nation. The Economic Development Department played an important role in the rapid advancement of the Oneida Nation in the early 1990’s. However, this department has been missing from the Oneida Nation organization chart for the past 15+ years. The current focus is to revitalize purposeful Economic Development Efforts for the Oneida Nation.

In December 2017, TIP Strategies, Oneida Nation’s consultant for the Economic Development Strategic Plan, held a meeting to kick-off the effort to develop the new plan. The kick-off meeting was well attended by organizational staff as well as Oneida external corporations’ representatives. Feedback from the kick-off was very positive from those in attendance.

This new strategy represents a significant advancement by the Oneida Nation to embrace the emerging new economy (digital transformation, evolution of artificial intelligence, internet of things and manufacturing 4.0). Our strategy will better align us to accelerate growth locally, regionally, nationally and potentially on a global scale through strategy to become engaged participant in business opportunity activities of the Oneida Nation.

Existing Community Development Area
In addition to the Economic Development Area side of the Division, the Community Development Area continues to function at a high level to provide government function in the areas of Planning, GIS and Zoning. The Engineering Department continues to manage the CIP (Capital Improvement Process) Projects and act as the “owner’s representative” for all CIP projects. Additionally, the Oneida Nation TTP (Tribal Transportation Program) provides the maintenance funding for existing roads as well as the planning, design and construction of new Tribal Roads.

A word from the Division Director
On behalf of the Community & Economic Development Division, thank you for visiting our website and learning more about our division. Please feel free to explore the information contained in our division’s website content.

Should you have any questions about any of the services we provide for the Oneida Nation and its members, please feel free to contact me at any time. I can be reached at [email protected] or at my office phone number of 920-869-4529.

Yaw^ko (thank you),
Oneida Architect / Division Director
Community & Economic Development Division

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