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Picture L-R: Jeff Witte, Leanne Doxtater, Louis Cottrell,
Sue Doxtator, Stacie Danforth, Ron Melchert

The Oneida Planning Department’s mission is to provide a broad range of planning support services to meet the community needs and to provide a better quality of life throughout the Oneida Nation, respecting its Seven Generation philosophy, sovereignty, culture and history.

Click here for the 2014 Comprehensive Plan Update
Click here for the Comprehensive Plan which includes the Land Policy Framework
Click here for the Public Participation Plan

Current Projects

Visioning Oneida  A community improvement initiative which set a direction for improvements, some realized and some not and some appearing totally different than anticipated but moving our Nation forward.  New projects and new initiatives are in the works and we will be sharing those with you and updating this document with your help.












To contact the Oneida Planning department directly, email [email protected]

Additional/Contact Info