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Job Opportunities and Benefits

Oneida Nation is an equal opportunity employer that gives preference in employment to Oneida Nation Members and Native Americans.

Application Fill-in-Form Application Form PDF Format
Application Form for Resumes ONLY – Fill in Format
Oneida Nation Benefits and Employee Perks

Accepting Applications and/or Resumes for the following positions; One (1) application  must be submitted for each position you are applying for.

Assistant Custodian Manager/Trainer (Half-Time 2nd Shift) 01778 Until Filled
Attorney 09001 Until Filled
Bartender (Full-Time 5:00 PM – 2:00 AM) 84705 Until Filled
Behavioral Health Supervisor-Behavioral Health 02402 Until Filled
Bingo Cashier 83406 Until Filled
Certified Pharmacy Technician (Emergency Temp)  01732 Until Filled
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist 09074 Until Filled
Childcare Teacher-Oneida Childcare 00109
Until Filled
Community Education Center Worker (Sub-Relief)-Community Education 02782 Until Filled
Computer Teacher 07069 Until Filled
Co Teacher 07109 Until Filled
Custodian Roving-Custodial 00160
Until Filled
Dental Assistant 00168 Until Filled
Dispatcher 00757 Until Filled
Dual Diagnosis Therapist 02186 Until Filled
Early Head Start (EHS) Classroom Teacher 03021
Until Filled
Head Start Director
02389 Until Filled
Head Start Teacher 00253 Until Filled
Language Art Teacher 07016 Until Filled
Maintenance Helper/Carpenter (3rd Shift) 82302 Until Filled
Mammography Technologist (Emergency Temporary) 00397 Until Filled
Math Teacher (High School) 07044 Until Filled
Paper Room Clerk 83407 Until Filled
Pari Mutuel Betting Cashier (Half Time – Weekends Only) 83421 Until Filled
Police Officer 00908 Until Filled
Project Coordinator 03058 Until Filled
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner-Behavioral Health Services 02555
Until Filled
Psychiatric RN 02858 Until Filled
Senior HVAC Technician 82313 Until Filled
Senior Lifeguard-Oneida Family Fitness Center 01763
Until Filled
Special Education Teacher-Oneida Nation School System 07032 Until Filled
Substitute Teacher 07019 Until Filled
Wellness Court Coordinator (Limited Term – 2 years) 03018 Until Filled
Youth and Young Adult Mentor/Advocate 02670
Until Filled

Accepting Applications and/or Resumes from Oneida Enrolled Tribal Members of Wisconsin Only; One (1) application must be submitted for each position you are applying for.

Arts Worker (Sub-Relief)-Arts 04115 Until Filled
Community Outreach Coordinator 3000 9/23/2019
Community Outreach Specialist Post Graduate Trainee (2 years) 05208 Until Filled
Employee Insurance Specialist 00052 9/18/2019


Pool Positions: Ongoing Recruitment – Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Applications are processed when a supervisor requests to fill a vacant position. Please note: The Oneida Human Resource Department accepts applications for any position whether it is posted or not. Applications received for “non-posted” positions are kept on file for a period of three months. Compensation staff will communicate with all applicants when the position is posted or at the end of the three month time period. One (1) application must be submitted for each position you are applying for.

Bingo Worker – Gaming 83404 Ongoing Recruitment
Cage Cashier-Gaming Accounting 82234 Ongoing Recruitment
Certified Nursing Assistant (AJRCCC) 00333 Ongoing Recruitment
Cook 84706 Ongoing Recruitment
Custodian – Gaming 82320 Ongoing Recruitment
Dietary Aide/Cook-Dietary Department 00145 Ongoing Recruitment
Drop Count Team Member 82220 Ongoing Recruitment
Fitness Special SubRelief-Fitness Center 00493 Ongoing Recruitment
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) 00311 Ongoing Recruitment
Players Club Representative 82802 Ongoing Recruitment
Retail Associate (Part-time/Full-time)-Operations Varies Ongoing Recruitment
Registered Nurse (AJRCCC) 00406 Ongoing Recruitment
Security Officer-Internal Security 02798/02799 Ongoing Recruitment
Server – Gaming 82701/84703 Ongoing Recruitment
Slot Representative (2nd or 3rd Shift) 82631 Ongoing Recruitment
Table Games Dealer 82520 Ongoing Recruitment
Valet 82712 Ongoing Recruitment
Vault Specialist
Ongoing Recruitment
Vault Specialist II
Ongoing Recruitment

Accepting POOL Applications and/or Resumes from Oneida Enrolled Tribal Members Only; One (1) application must be submitted for each position.


The following Emergency Temporary position is open to ALL Applicants and is considered ongoing recruitment; therefore there are no closing dates. One (1) application must be submitted for each position.

Apple Picker – Orchard 01487
On-going recruitment
Additional/Contact Info