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Forms & Applications

Applications & General Forms

Many forms can be completed online or you can request a form/application be mailed to you.


Parents or Guardians looking to establish paternity or open a case for child support:

Case Transfer from another Wisconsin County to Oneida Nation Child Support Agency:

    1. Complete the Transfer Application
    2. Stipulate to Transfer. If both parties agree to transfer the case to Oneida Nation Child Support Agency, contact Trina Schuyler at (920) 490-3700.


Releases of information may be needed to gather facts about your case. Release of Information (ROI) documents, signed by both parties, authorizes the Agency to release information about your child support case to other interested parties and vice versa.


When we are establishing a child support order financial information is needed from both parents. Financial Disclosure Forms must be signed by a notary public to be considered valid. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment to have your documents signed.


We aim to provide high-quality customer service. If you have any problems or concerns with our staff or procedures, please fill out a Child Support Customer Complaint Form and return it to the front desk administrative assistant at the KA^NIKUHLI-YO FAMILY CENTER BUILDING located at 2640 West Point Rd., Green Bay, WI 54304.

If you have any questions, or would like a physical form mailed to you, please call us at (920) 490-3700

Additional/Contact Info