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Native Employment Works (NEW)

A program to assist with work related expenses for or maintain employment. NEW program is a federal grant from the Administration for Children & Families-Office, services subject to funding availability.

Eligibility: For unemployed, underemployed and employed who are enrolled members of the Oneida Nation residing in Brown or Outagamie County, OR an enrolled Native American of a federally recognized tribe who resides within the Oneida reservation boundaries, with no dependent children.

To be eligible for support services, income must not exceed the FPL set forth, or not exceed the income guidelines of the program.

May apply in person at Economic Support Services or by submitting a completed  NEW Application to the agency.

Supportive Services: Auto repair, auto insurance, fuel assistance, work clothing/shoes, work tools, safety glasses, driver’s license reinstatement fees, short-term training/education fees, AODA assessment, and Group Dynamics Driver’s Safety.

Required Documents: Tribal enrollment, address for past 30 days, new employment verification (EVFE Form) or (last 30 days of household income) paystubs, work searched if unemployed. Additional verifications needed depending on service requested.

Additional/Contact Info