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In This Section

Behavioral Health Services

Triage Counseling

  • Triage accesses the initial needs of the clients.​
  • Triage schedules initial intake appointments.​
  • Triage is back up for med management.​
  • Suicidal Assessments.​
  • Will provide therapy sessions when client is in crisis.​
  • Provide walk in services to assess needs. ​


Substance Abuse

  • ATODA Assessments.​
  • Individual ATODA Counseling.​
  • Intensive Outpatient Group Counseling.​
  • Aftercare Group Counseling.​
  • Educational Groups.​
  • Urine Drug Screens.​
  • Providing services to Adolescents through Elderly.​

Mental Health

Individual Sessions

Family Therapy

Couples Therapy

Child Therapy

Co Occurring

Dual diagnosis


Adult and Child Evaluations

Medication Management

Psychological Evaluations

Psychological Evaluation

Feedback Sessions

Additional/Contact Info