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Oneida History Department

About Us

The Oneida History Department of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin promotes the culture, language, history, traditions, and genealogy to all enrolled Tribal members.

History Department Mission Statement

The Oneida History Department collects, organizes, preserves, and makes available materials that pertain to the history and development of the Oneida Nation and its people.

Staff Contact Information

Reggie Doxtater
Historical Archivist
[email protected]

Josh Gerzetich
Historical Researcher
[email protected]

Eliza Skenandore – Yutyátashnolats
Historical Multimedia Specialist
[email protected]

Oneida History Bins

The Hands-On History Bins project evolved out of several request. Local schools and school districts have frequently contacted the Oneida Tribe to request curriculum and materials. In response to request from schools, the Seymour Community Historical Society, and other areas, a special committee was formed under the direction of Chairman Rick Hill, led by former Chief of Staff Bill Gollnick and attended by representatives from several Oneida programs (Y.E.S, Cultural Heritage, Turtle School, etc.) and representatives from Green Bay, De Pere, Seymour and other area schools.

As a result of the special committee, Cultural Heritage and the Oneida Museum were asked to work on curriculum resources for these schools. The idea of a Hands-on bin was first thought of by Michelle Danforth in 2010 and finished by Nicolas Reynolds in 2012.

Download  a copy of the Teacher’s Guide here:

Teachers Guide_Final

Additional Resources:
• A General History of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin
• Sagole: A Greeting from the Oneida

Weekly Historical Note Archives

The Weekly Historical Note (WHN) was released every Monday on the Oneida Nation’s Website. Past issues of the WHN can be viewed here by opening an Adobe file. Simply look for the issue that you would like to download and then click on the link to begin. The WHN is created for educational purposes and researchers and students are encouraged to give proper citation to source documents. For help with citation techniques, visit the UW Madison’s Writing Center.

Issue 1, The Oneida Creation Story

Issue 2, The Origin of the Oneida Clans

Issue 3, Maple Syrup Ceremony

Issue 4, The Creation of the Iroquois League

Issue 5, The Hermit Thrush Story

Issue 6, Native Tobacco

Issue 7, Snowsnake

Issue 8, Early Iroquois encounters with Samuel de Champlain

Issue 9, Early Explorations into the Oneida Homeland

Issue 10, The Iroquois, The Dutch, and the Fur Trade

Issue 11, Queen Anne’s Missionaries

Issue 12, Small Pox in America

Special Issue, The Battle at Oriskany

Issue 13, Alcohol and the Oneida

Issue 14, Samuel Kirkland

Issue 15, The French and Indian War, 1756-1763

Issue 16, The Oneida Carrying Place

Issue 17, Valley Forge and The Oneidas

Issue 18, Kaliwiyo and Handsome Lake 

Issue 19, Mission Schools, 1784 

Vol. 1, No. 20 The Stockbridge-Munsee and Brothertown Indians

Vol. 1, No. 21 Great Law and Constitution

Issue 22, The Erie Canal 

Vol. 1, No. 23 The Treaty of Canandaigua and Annuity Payments

Vol. 1, No. 24 Illegal Treaties and the State of New York


WPA Writers' Project

All of these works have been made possible by the Oneida Bilingual Program that was directed by Amelia Cornelius and Funded through a Bilingual/Bicultural Education Act: Title VII grant.

The authors originally told the stories in the late 1930’s to the Oneida writers of the WPA sponsored Writers’ Project.

Bear Stories

Bear Stories

The Leaders, The Chiefs

The Leaders, The Chiefs

Memories of the old days

Memories Of The Old Days

Witches Stories WPA Writers’ Project

Witches Part 1
Witches Part 2
Witches Part 3

Water: Gives us Strength

Historical Timeline

From Creation to Present visit our timeline page.


Additional/Contact Info