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LOC Members

The following is a list of the LOC members and their legislative assistants for the 2017-2020 term; along with contact information for each.

The membership is always welcome to contact any individual LOC member to learn more about, or to discuss, any of the items the LOC is working on, or the items a particular LOC member is sponsoring.

For more general information about the LOC or LOC meetings, please contact the LOC support office – the Legislative Reference Office – at (920) 869-4376 or by e-mailing [email protected].

Individual LOC member offices and the Legislative Reference Office are all located on the second floor of the Norbert Hill Center, Oneida WI.

LOC Member

Legislative Assistant

David P. Jordan, LOC Chair
(920) 869-4483
[email protected] 
Leyne Orosco
(920) 869-4459
[email protected]
Kirby Metoxen, LOC Vice-Chair
(920) 869-4441

[email protected]
Rosa Laster
(920) 869-4492
[email protected]
Jennifer Webster, LOC Member
(920) 869-4457
[email protected]
Jessica Wallenfang
(920) 869-4480
[email protected]
Daniel Guzman-King, LOC Member
(920) 869-4366

[email protected]
Melinda J. Danforth
(920) 869-4461
[email protected]
Ernie Stevens III, LOC Member
(920) 869-4432
[email protected]
Cathy Bachhuber
(920) 869-4428
[email protected]


Additional/Contact Info