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Restorative Justice

This Page is under construction.  Please check back for updates.







• Decrease disruptive behaviors with project programming
• Examples include emotional outbursts, personal boundaries,
peer relationships, and unsafe behaviors (ie wandering the
• Decrease the absentee rate for student within the Oneida
Nation School System


Yethi Program Coordinator:

Youth Advocates:

Community Navigators:

Intervention/Outreach Coordinator (OPD)/ Grant Writer and Coordinator (Yethi):


Tier I Prevention
• Targeted audience: ALL students
• Full classroom educational sessions which includes but is not limited to:
• Listening skills
• Coping skills
• Executive functioning skills
• Peer Relationship skills


Tier 2 Interventions (Early intervention)
• Tier 2 interventions are based on several factors:
• eduCLIMBERs (behavioral documentation software)
• Teacher referrals
• Classroom observations
• Lunch/Recess observations
• Student services meetings


Tier 2 Interventions (continued)
• Targeted audience: students are selected through various modalities
• Intervention types include:
• One-on-one (30-minute block)
• Group (30-minute block)
• Collaborative (varies on the situation)
• Example- A student is having a rough time during a class that is
disrupting the learning of their peers, the student might be removed
from the room and taken for a lap around the school to help them
regulate themselves and then walked back to class.


Tier 3 Interventions (At-risk)
• Targeted audience: student behaviors that cannot be supported in tiers 1
and 2 interventions
• Students are placed into a tier 3 for major behaviors that include violent
outbursts, aggression, social withdrawal, etc. in which they are referred to
our OBH team member and contracted educational psychologist where they
work to get the student wraparound resources.
• Working on enhancing the availability of mental health resources within

Summer Programming

rjp summer programArts and Crafts

-Kindergarten through 7th grade
students traveled to different
countries creating a craft
project from a different country
each day.

-6th through 12th grade have the
opportunity in the month of
July to learn basic sewing,
beading, and cooking skills.



rjp summer programSports Workouts



-Speed and Agility training

-Offered to students going into 3rd grade all the way through 12th grade

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