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Meet our Staff

Y.E.S Program Office

JoAnn Ninham, Y.E.S. Manager

JoAnn joined the Y.E.S. Program in 2004. She has a Masters in Liberal Studies and a Bachelor of Arts Degree with an Interdisciplinary Major in American Indian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She enjoys working with Y.E.S. Staff, Oneida programs/departments and school staff to help American Indian students successfully navigate the public school system while continuing to develop their identity and self-esteem.         (920) 869-4345

The Y.E.S. staff are based in the public schools as listed here and provide direct services to the eligible American Indian students attending these schools. The Y.E.S. staff is a pool of Specialists, Advocates and Enrichment Aide.

*Services vary by school.

Green Bay Area Public School District

King Elementary Children’s Center for Engineering

Sharon Skenandore, Y.E.S. Advocate    (920) 492-2771

Robert Fish, Y.E.S. Specialist          (920) 492-2771

MacArthur Elementary School

Vacant, Y.E.S. Specialist

Lombardi Middle School

Stephanie Stevens, Y.E.S. Advocate       (920) 492-2625

Kathy Doxtater, Y.E.S. Specialist        (920) 492-2736

Southwest High School

Orleana Batiste, Y.E.S. Advocate         (920) 660-5472

Marcie Cartier-Jefferson, Y.E.S. Specialist       (920) 764-2383

Myriah Summers, Y.E.S. Advocate Float  (920) 660-5470

Pulaski Community School District

Hillcrest Elementary School

Amanda Herlache, Y.E.S. Specialist (920) 272-6900

Seymour Community School District

Rock Ledge Primary School (Grades 4K to Grade 2)

River Ocker, Y.E.S. Advocate Float             (920) 833-5155, Ext. 715

Vacant, Y.E.S. Specialist

Rock Ledge Intermediate School (Grades 3 to 5)

Vicki Strzelecki, Y.E.S. Advocate          (920) 833-7380, Ext. 225

Seymour Middle School

Jane Powless, Y.E.S. Advocate       (920) 833-7199, Ext. 364

Tami Kaczrowski, Y.E.S. Specialist       (920) 833-7199, Ext. 367

Seymour High School

Wendy Summers, Y.E.S. Advocate   (920) 833-2306, Ext. 468

Douglas Younkle, Y.E.S. Specialist      (920) 833-2306, Ext. 445

School District of West De Pere

West De Pere Middle School

Kim Nishimoto, Y.E.S. Specialist       (920) 337-1099

West De Pere High School

Caroline Clayton, Y.E.S. Advocate           (920) 338-5200, Ext. 4216

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