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Parent Involvement

Parents make the Head Start Program the success that it is. Since you have the most contact with your child, you are your child’s most effective teacher. You are encouraged to participate in the program as much as possible.

One way to participate is to be a volunteer in the classroom. Some of the advantages of volunteering include:

    1. It gives you a better understanding of what the program is doing for children.

    2. It provides an opportunity for to get to know many friendly adults.

    3. It can help you better understand your role as a parent.

    4. It shows your child how interested you are in their learning experience.

Another way to participate in the program is through the decision-making process such as:  Keep in touch with your Policy Council Representative or serve on the Policy Council, or Health Advisory Committee.

Attend Parent Committee meetings and Family Events. All parents of Head Start children are members of the Parent Committee that meets monthly.

Read the newsletter and keep in touch with the staff and other parents. Talk to the staff and other parents about ways to help and to improve the program.

Parents are encouraged to follow suggestions for family activities given in the newsletter and classroom. Parents can share their ideas with staff for additional activities at home and in the center.


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