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High School


Greetings Students, Parents and Friends of the Oneida Nation High School!
Every start of a new school year is the beginning of our learning journey!  The process of learning is the combination of engaging in new learning experiences, accumulating knowledge and building upon positive interactions between students, parents and teachers.

If someone asks what are the rules of the high school? There are only 4 rules one would need to honor and follow: Swatatnolukhwake – Being respectful; Teswalihwaye.lite? – Being responsible; Swalha.leke – Being ready.  And the last is really a question we ask our students to consider and build their future plans upon: What are my short, medium and long term goals!

If someone asks what is new at the School? The answer is: Academic commitment to always challenge our students to grow and develop their skills. The challenge is to always identify a path toward making a positive contribution, toward their profession as an individual, their family and community and most importantly as a citizen of their Nation.

Culturally, we continue to improve our learning about who we are as a On^yote.ak^ people. Our culture and language is the foundation of encouragement to expand our confidence in whom we are as citizens of our nation.  We strive toward utilizing the language and cultural concepts on a daily basis to become proficient thinkers, problem solvers and communicators.

Socially, you only travel this road once so we encourage each student to do their best to collect up the total experience of extra-curricular activities, classroom projects and academic achievement.  When combined they transform each young adult with the tools of proficiency to either pursue higher education, technical training or navigating the world of a work.

The School, parents, and students as a team commit to improve learning on a daily basis. Our commitment is to develop positive behavior strategies as our guide to improve our academic preparation for each student with the vision to accept their role as leaders now and in the future of our Oneida Nation.

The “Learning Journey” begins each new school year and before you know it, we will be coming together to celebrate the accomplishments of our seniors at graduation. Yaw^ko to our students and parents for participating in learning as part of the learning family of the Oneida Nation School System!

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