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Oneida Nation STEM Program

We have STEM K-12 grades. We have opportunities to work with robotics, 3D printing, and maker space at all levels. Take some time to explore some of the things our students are doing in STEM.

STEM Mindset:

#1 We do hard things.

#2 We are creators.

#3 We are problem solvers.

#4 We dream big and take risks.

#5 We learn to look at the world in new ways.

K-2nd Grade

  • At this level, students will be introduced to concepts of engineering, coding, robotics, and maker space design.

3rd-5th Grade

  • In the 3-5 grade level, students begin to use the design process to complete engineering design challenges, debug coding programs, and use programming knowledge to execute tasks with robots.

Middle School

  • In middle school students use the engineering design process to solve real world problems, and use their knowledge of 3 dimensional design to manufacture pieces of their own creation.

High School

  • In high school students lead their own projects. They can choose from a variety of tasks from game design, graphic design, 3D design, and robotics.
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