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Personal Finances

Coping with Unemployment

UW-Madison shared resources on making sound financial choices in tough times.

Highly interactive personal finance course designed to educate students to make informed financial decisions. Consists 34 “How To” modules on income, money management, spending and credit, and saving and investing.

Licensed consumer credit counselors in Wisconsin.



Budgeting Class

Personal Finance 101: Everything You Need to Know

This class fulfills the Oneida Nation Center for Self Sufficiency Budgeting Class requirement. Gain practical knowledge of personal finance, covering everything from taxes to credit cards. This class is taught through a series of short, engaging, animated videos. Each video teaches you about a specific topic (investing, taxes, buying a car, paying off loans, and more).

*Online, 3-hour class. Print or save the Certificate of Completion and give to your case manager.

Udemy Class Link:

Consumer Protection

These resources help you be an informed consumer and avoid being a victim of consumer fraud, deceptive advertising, and just plain BAD DEALS. Remember the old saying: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”


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