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War of 1812

The war of 1812 was a fight between the Americans and the British. The British still had forts in the U.S. territories and the Americans wanted Britain out. The two-year war that began in June of 1812 and ended with a treaty signing in Europe in the spring of 1814.

Most of the battles were fought on the ocean, land and the Great Lakes waterways in Canada, the Chesapeake Bay region, and down by the Gulf of Mexico. The British were successful in their battles in Canada, but not so successful when it came to trying to take American land. They attacked Baltimore and New Orleans with no success. Since the Americans didn’t capture any part of Canada, and the British didn’t capture any American land, the war was pretty much a stalemate. Since the Americans didn’t give up any land, people say that this war was a confirmation that America is independent.

The War of 1812 also took the life of a Shawnee man named Tecumseh.  Tecumseh had urged Natives to reject the religion and lifestyle of the settlers.  He also urged tribes to hold on to their lands and not do dealings with the American government.  He was known for his leadership and strategic fighting abilities.  During the War of 1812, Tecumseh and his men joined forces with the British, which ultimately lead to his death during the 1813 Battle of the Thames.


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