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Stockbridge and Brothertown Tribes

Interview excerpt with Loretta Metoxen, Tribal Historian

Stockbridge and Brothertown tribes are originally from the New England area and they are Algonquin. They are actually made up of several Algonquin tribes. The Stockbridge were considered the river people and lived along the Hudson River on both sides but they were driven out by the Mohawk tribe.

They were also involved with many of the early Europeans who came to North America. The Stockbridge actually lived in Stockbridge, Massachusetts hence forth how they got their name. They became Christianized and educated early on and became known as the Praying Indians. When they were forced to move west, the Oneidas had actually invited them to come and live in their territory. The Brothertown were lead by a Samson Occun and he became their missionary for his entire life. Because the Brothertown were Christianized early on they no longer have their original language. When they came to Wisconsin they had a settlement on the west side of the Winnebago Lake and it was called West Pequot because of the number of Pequot who had joined them. In 1839, the tribe thought their best option to get along with the United States was to become citizens and participate in the local government and some did serve in the legislature and some became sheriffs. Today, the Brothertown continue to work towards becoming federally recognized, where as the Stockbridge Munsee tribe has been federally recognized since .

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