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About HSD

Mission & Vision


Mission:  To provide holistic support for the wellbeing of our community.

Vision:  An engaged and empowered healthy community built on TsiɁNiyukwaliho T^ instilled with respect, education and self-awareness.

Organization Chart

GSD_Organization All 3.22.22

Strategic Directions


Human Services Division Strategic Plan
January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2026


Fostering Employee Engagement
Support Team Wellness
Provide FUN Opportunities for Employees
Ensure Employee Alignment
Provide Incentivees

Developing Strong Leaders
Provide Consistent Meaningful Onboarding & Training
Institute Leadership Development

Empowering Community Engagement
Market & Outreach Our Services
Promote Collaboration

Pursuing a Centralized Database
Create & Implement Data Collection


1st Year Planned Accomplishments

  1. Collaboration to share events throughout the Division.
  2. Launch iLead Leadership Development Program.
  3. Conduct a Stay Survey for employees.
  4. Provide DiSC Assessment Training for all employees in the Division.
  5. Create a New Employee Orientation for Human Services Division.
  6. Host a Division-wide Employee Picnic.
  7. Host a Division Resource Fair for the Community.
  8. Identify a database to implement.
Additional/Contact Info