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WIC Clinic Updates

Upcoming Office Closures:
Friday December 22nd – Christmas Eve 1/2 day holiday – Clinic open 8am-12pm
Monday December 25th – Christmas Day, office closed
Monday January 1st – New Year’s Day, office closed

It’s been a while since we’ve seen you! We would like to check height, weight, and iron (hemoglobin or hgb) during WIC certification and mid-certification appointments to see how you or your child is growing. Have you been to the doctor in the 2 months prior to your appointment? Send us this information from your doctor’s office.

Benefit Reload:
Need your benefits loaded? Please call us for your nutrition education and we’d be happy to reload benefits.

Interested in Applying? Call our office at 920-869-4829.


Extended Fruit and Vegetable Dollar Increase: Continued funding has allowed WIC to extend fruit and vegetable dollar increases. You will be notified when normal benefit amounts resume. Check your account balance for updated amounts you have to spend on fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.


Easy Snack Ideas:
Are you in between meals and feeling tired and hungry? Try a yummy yogurt parfait! Watch this video to show you how to make a yogurt parfait paired with the reasons why snacking is important. Try other snacks that are simple for home or on the go to keep your energy going.



Yogurt Parfait:
Bite into a delicious snack for you and your family. The document to the left shows a quick, easy recipe yogurt parfait to snack on. Give extra flavor by adding other toppings like fresh, frozen, or canned fruits, nuts, or granola.



See our previous featured recipes here.

Find more recipes using WIC foods in the WIC Mom Strong Cookbook. also has some great recipes – if you don’t have an account, ask us how to sign up!

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. For the full WIC Program Nondiscrimination Statement, please click here.

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