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Internal Audit

Welcome to the Oneida Nation Internal Audit Department

Mission Statement:trees Internal Audit serves Oneida membership, management and government by performing  independent and objective assessments and reviews of functions, activities and operations of the Oneida Nation.

Audit Committee Information

See: Audit Committee web page 

Report Access



Oneida Membership may review Internal Audit reports, thereby enhancing the transparency of government activities.

Oneida Tribal Members can make a request to view final audit reports by completing one of the following and submitting to the Audit Committee:

  • Oneida Tribal Member Request to Review Final Audit Reports (form)
  • Handwritten request
  • E-mail request to Audit Committee Chairperson

Please see the Oneida Tribal Member Requests to Review Final Audit Reports (SOP) and the list of audits available for review

Requesting an Audit

  • Any Oneida Tribal Member or employee of the Tribe can submit a request for an audit to be performed by completing an Internal Audit Request Form
  • This form may also be obtained from the Internal Audit Department.
  • Submit completed form back to Internal Audit for review and approval.
  • Audit Committee will make final approval/referral/denial decision.
  • Priority for project completion is assigned within the department.
Additional/Contact Info