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100% Disability Benefits

There are two ways you can be 100% service connected by the VA. The first one is 100% schedular, which means all your individual service-connected disabilities total 100% or more. The other way is 100% due to Individual Unemployability, or IU. This is when your individual service-connected disabilities do not total 100% but you are paid at the 100% rate because the VA has deemed you unemployable due to your service-connected disabilities. In order to apply for IU, if you only have one service-connected disability, it must be rated 60% or higher. If you have two or more service-connected disabilities, they must total 70% or higher and at least one individual rating must be rated at 40% or higher.

The VA can rate you 100% permanent and total (P&T) or 100% temporary. If you are rated 100% temporary, the VA feels is it possible your disability or disabilities could improve; therefore, you will be reevaluated at a future date. In that case, you are not guaranteed to receive a 100% disability payment for life so you should be prepared for that possible change to your income. You can also receive a temporary 100% rating if you are hospitalized for a service-connected disability for 21 days or more or have surgery on a service-connected disability, which requires a convalescent period of 30 days or more. Following are some of the benefits you may be eligible for if you are rated 100%:

Disabled Veteran ID Card

You are eligible for a 100% disabled veteran ID card, which allows you certain privileges on military installations. It does not, however, allow you to receive medical treatment at military installations.


A medical insurance through the VA for dependents of 100% service-connected veterans. Veterans are not eligible for this insurance, only their eligible dependents are, and dependents receiving TRICARE are not eligible. Eligible dependents are the spouse/widow(er), and children (to include stepchildren as long as they reside with the veteran) of a veteran who:

  • Is 100% permanently and totally disabled
    because of a service-connected disability, or
  • Died as a result of a service-connected disability,
  • Died and was 100% service-connected at the
    time of their death, or
  • Died while in an active duty status and in the line
    of duty, not due to misconduct.

For more information on CHAMPVA click HERE.

VA Dental

A veteran can get dental treatment through the VA if they’re 100% service-connected. The veteran does have to be in the VA health care system, however.

VA Health Care

Once you’re 100% service-connected, there may be more health care benefits available. Talk to your VA healthcare provider for more information.

Property Tax Credit

The Wisconsin Veterans & Surviving Spouse’s Property Tax Credit provides eligible veterans and unremarried surviving spouses a refundable property tax credit for their primary in-state residence and up to one acre of land.

Veterans must be 100% service-connected and that includes temporary 100% ratings with the exception of hospitalization or convalescence. If a veteran has a temporary 100% disability rating that is lowered, they are no longer eligible for this benefit. Veterans must also have enlisted in the military from Wisconsin (Wisconsin must be listed as their Home of Record on their DD 214) or have a 5-year residency established.

In order to receive this benefit, it only has to be applied for one time. Each year, the claimant must pay their property taxes as they normally would then the next tax year, file a state tax return and they will be refunded the eligible amount. Even if they would normally not file a state tax return, they must in order to receive property tax credit. That is the only way to get this benefit.

Annual Small Game Hunting License, Fishing License, and State Parks and Trail Pass

Wisconsin veterans rated at least 50% are eligible for the Wisconsin Resident Disabled Veteran Recreation Card for only $7.00. You will need to provide a copy of your rating decision letter or DNR-issued Wisconsin Resident Disabled Veteran Park Admission Card to show your rating percentage along with a photo ID. You can get this at any location selling DNR licenses. You can also get just the annual fishing license for $3.00.

All veterans who are service-connected at 70% or higher are eligible to receive a free DNR-issued Wisconsin Resident Disabled Veteran Park Admission Card to use for Wisconsin parks and trails. Eligibility for the Wisconsin Resident Disabled Veteran Park Admission Card must be verified by your County Veterans Service Officer.

For more information on Wisconsin DNR disabled veteran benefits click HERE.

Aid and Attendance

If you need the assistance of another person to perform normal activities of daily living (ADLs), you may be entitled to more than just the basic 100% service-connected disability rate.

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