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Oneida Wasterwater Treatment Facility

Pay your utilities online!

Scott Cottrell, Utilities Manager

The Oneida Nation Utilities Department provides safe drinking water and environmentally safe wastewater treatment for the Oneida Nation.

Emergency Numbers

Septic Pumping (920) 619-6790 
Water & Sewer Emergency (920) 562-2911

Attention Oneida Nation Utility Customer:

As July 31st approaches and the Covid Relief Forgiveness Resolution Expires we are reminding customers that all charges will commence beginning August 1st, 2020.  In an effort to assist our customers with any hardship forthcoming we will allow for a Deferred payment plan for your Sewer, Water, Refuse/Recycling and Septic Pumping charges.

If you are a Tribal Member you may also qualify for Low Income, Elderly (65 and older) or Disability Tribal Subsidy for Sewer and Water.

Contact our office to request a Deferral application or Tribal Subsidy form sent to you or download them from the website below.   Proof of loss of income or hardship will need to accompany both forms.  We can make copies by Appointment of any financial statements to prove hardship or loss of income by calling our office @ 496-5290.

Deferred Payment Form

Deferred Payment Plan Letter

SUBSIDYA Application

Tribal Members may also be eligible for assistance through Comprehensive Housing:

Utility Assistance Program

Purpose: Assisting with payments owed to utility providers to address property liens, disconnections, and notices of disconnection.

Program Criteria:

• Utility status verification from an applicable utility provider demonstrating delinquent balances of forty-five (45) days or more

• Assistance to one person per household

• Payments made directly to utility provider/vendor

• Must have past due utilities; or recent interruption of income resulting in nonpayment of utilities or inability to pay utilities

• Must be referred to CHD from Oneida Economic Support

Comprehensive Housing Division

(920) 869-2227

Additional/Contact Info