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Elder Abuse Referral

**This position is currently VACANT. All elder abuse calls will be referred to the counties the victim resides in.

Under Wisconsin Law 398, CH. 46.90 (1A) an elder at risk is age 60 or older that is currently experiencing or is at risk of abuse, financial exploitation, neglect or self-neglect. The Oneida Reservation’s elder at risk is recognized as Oneida Tribal enrolled members age 55 and older.

Abuse Has Five (5) Sub-Categories:

  1. Physical: Intentional or reckless infliction of bodily harm.
  2. Emotional: Language or behavior that is intended to intimidate, humiliate, threaten, frighten, and harass the elder.
  3. Sexual: Is a violation of WI. Criminal Sexual Assault Law.
  4. Unreasonable Confinement or Restraint: Includes intentional and unreasonable confinement in a locked room, involuntary separation from his or her living area. Use of a physical restraining device or the administration of unnecessary or excessive medication to the elder.
  5. Treatment without Consent: Administration of medication or mental health surgeries or research without proper consent or lawful authority.


  1. Financial Exploitation: Is obtaining an elder’s money or property by deceiving or enticing the elder, or by forcing, or coercing the elder to sell property at less than fair market . Taking money or property against the elders informed consent.
  2. Neglect: Failure of a caregiver to secure or maintain adequate care and services to include food, clothing, shelter, physical and or mental care creating risk or danger to the elder physical or mental health.
  3. Self-neglect: Is a significant danger to an elder’s physical or mental health because the elder is responsible for his or her own care but fails to obtain adequate care, including food, shelter, clothing, medical or dental care.

Click here for brochure and more information about elder abuse and how to report it.

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