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In This Section

About Us

Kanuhsʌte tkˀayʌ́tuh yewanˀnutʌkwa

(gah-noos-uh-day dgah-yuhn-duh yay-wahn-noo-dun-kwah)
“Building Where They Keep the Reading Books.”


Mission Statement

To provide for informational needs of the Oneida Community, while building a collection that reflects our unique Oneida Heritage.
All persons will have access to current, balanced materials, services, and programs, that will enrich their informational, cultural and recreational needs.

Learn More

Directions to our library
Library Board
Oneida Community Library Events and Programs.

Meet Our Staff  – Oneida Community Library & Green Earth Branch Library

Library Manager Eliza Skenandore
Administrative Assistant Wanda Boivin
Library Services Associate Akacia Muscavitch
Library Services Associate Lisa Hess
Library Aide Gabbie Metoxen
Additional/Contact Info