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Teri Nehring, MSEd., LPC, CSAC CSIT

Teri NehringSpecialty:
Teri is a co-occurring therapist with  specialties in addiction, mental health, trauma issues, and personal coaching. She is trained in working with energy fields in the body and works in a holistic, sacred and spiritual way.

Patient Ages:
Adolescents and adults

Master Degree in Counseling and Education from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.
Certified Breathworker and Reiki Master.
Full Mesa carrier from the Andean tradition in South America.

American Counseling Association, International  Breathwork Association

Provider Bio

I am a very spiritual person who walks with one foot firmly planted in South America and the other firmly planted in the United States.  I work closely with the medicine people in Peru and believe that we all have a scared journey, life purpose, and soul mission.  I believe that when you begin to change within yourself, everything else around you changes.  The most sacred thing we can do is to open our hearts , mind, ears, and eyes to know and embrace ourselves in love as we are magnificent spirit beings.   I see myself as a messenger as the words of spirit come through me.  I have been in the field of counseling 26 years and find joy in others learning to “do the work”, ” speak their truth”, heal themselves,  and to know that there enough love from spirit for everyone, as it never runs out.

Additional/Contact Info