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We are sorry to inform you that effective immediately, any future awards for the remaining Academic Year 2019-2020 (August 2019 to July 2020) have been either deleted or lowered to meet the new annual maximum amount of $5,000.00 per year (Year is being defined as an Academic Year, August 1st to July 31st).  The practice of tiered funding is also put on hold. All students, at all education levels, are only eligible for up to $5,000/year.

If you’ve received an amount equal to or more than $5,000 since August 1st you will not be eligible for funding till after July 31st, or beginning the upcoming 2020-21 Academic Year (Aug. to July).

In addition, all future awards will be equally divided between the number of terms/semesters/quarters your college offers within an Academic Year.

Traditional colleges with a Fall and Spring Semester will have $2,500 available to the student per semester.

Quarter based colleges will have $1,250 available to the students per quarter.

Please share this page with your financial aid offices, as they may need to know your situation so they can begin looking for alternative aid on your behalf.

All other policies and practices in Oneida Higher Education remain the same. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure Higher Education has a complete file before a semester/term/quarter ends to be considered for funding, so please keep in touch with our office.

Please feel free to call the Higher Education Office at 920-869-4033 or email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns. We apologize for any inconvenience and please stay safe.

If you plan on continuing in the upcoming 2020-21 Academic Year ensure you apply early, including getting your FAFSA done.


Oneida Higher Education Department

General Manager Memo

GM Memo confirming application of Handbook 2020

BC Resolution – Reducing the GTC Higher Education Scholarship Payments

BC Resolution 04-08-20-G

Oneida Higher Education Scholarship Clarifications

In April 2020, The Oneida Higher Education Scholarship was reduced to a maximum of $5000 per academic school year (August – July).

The $5000 maximum applies to all education levels: Vocational, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral

The $5000 cannot be applied in full to any single term. It will be divided based on each school’s required terms.

For example:

Two required terms – Fall and Spring
(award will be a max of $2500 per term)                                                                                               

Three required terms – Fall, Winter, Spring or Fall, Spring, Summer
(award will be a max of 1667 per term)

 Four required terms – Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer
(award will be max of $1250 per term)

 Monthly (Cosmetology programs)
(award will be max of $416 per month)

One term’s award can not be carried over to another term.  For example, if a student does not attend fall term, they cannot get the entire $5000 for spring term.  Being at a two-term school, a student would only get a max of $2500 for spring term, no matter what.

Special note:
We encourage all individuals who are applying for the Covid 19 Education Relief Fund program to also apply for the Oneida Higher Education Scholarship for Fall term 20/21 if eligible.

Spring term funding from Higher Education will be available at the above listed amounts for eligible students.

Please contact the Oneida Higher Education Department at (920) 869-4033 with any Higher Ed questions.

Please contact (920)-869-4032 with any questions relating to the Covid 19 Education Relief Fund program.

Education Department pauses student loan bills, awaiting Congress or Trump to act

Education Department pauses student loan bills, awaiting Congress or Trump to act – POLITICO


No events planned at this time.

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