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JMIO New Year’s Challenge

January 12, 2022 all-day
Virtual: complete any type of physical activity anywhere
Hanna Leisgang
*It’s 2022! Check out JMIO Virtual Event, New Year’s Challenge! ?
*** T-Shirt Pick-Up: Check flyer for day, time and location. (You only receive ONE t-shirt per calendar year).
➡ Note: You do not have to register again if you already registered for a JMIO event this year! You do have to report your activity minutes after you have completed the event on Wednesday, January 12th (read options below).
      Report your ACTIVITY MINUTES (pick one option):
  1. (click on activity minute submission)
  2. Facebook picture: (caption with activity and minutes)
  3. Email or call Hanna at or 920-490-3927

Stay safe, stay healthy and HAVE FUN! ?

Additional/Contact Info