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Oneida Nation Public Comment Period Notice re: Budget Management & Control Law


Due to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Only Written Comments Will Be Accepted Until: WEDNESDAY, February 2, 2022


The purpose of this law is to set forth the requirements to be followed by the Oneida Business Committee and Oneida fund units when preparing the budget to be presented to the General Tribal Council for approval, and to establish other financial policies and procedures for the Nation.

The proposed amendments to the Budget Management and Control law will:
1. Expand the purpose and policy of this Law to address other financial policies and procedures for the Nation beyond just the budget process;
2. Eliminate the strategic planning provisions from this Law, instead providing simply that the Oneida Business Committee should develop and adopt a strategic plan, broad goals, or priorities for the Nation that the budget shall reflect;
3. Clarify the authority and responsibilities of those individuals who play a part in the Nation’s budget process;
4. Simplify the budget process and procedure contained in the Law in an effort to improve the Nation’s compliance with the Law and provide more flexibility to adjust the budget development and adoption procedure to meet the Nation’s current circumstances; and
5. Include new provisions which address unbudgeted expenditures, obligated future expenditures, capital contributions, grants, debt, employment and labor allocations, and unbudgeted positions.

For more information on the proposed amendments to the Budget Management and Control law please review the public comment packet at meetings.


The Nation’s COVID-19 Team issued a declaration on March 27, 2020, titled “Suspension of Public Meetings under the Legislative Procedures Act.” This declaration provides that the Legislative Procedures Act’s requirement to hold a public meeting during the public comment period is suspended due to the COVID-19 public health emergency. Oneida Business Committee resolution BC-12-08-21-B, Updating Public Gathering Guidelines During Public Health State of Emergency – COVID-19, prohibits indoor public meetings from occurring when COVID-19 Case Activity rates are above low in Brown and Outagamie Counties, COVID-19 Percent Positive rates are above low in Brown and Outagamie Counties, and when COVID-19 Community Transmission Rates by ZIP Code Tabulation Area are above low in the designated ZIP Codes or the ZIP Code in which the activity is being held, as identified on the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website for the most recent period. The Nation has not yet met these thresholds for holding an indoor public meeting. Although there will be no in person public meeting, the public comment period will still occur, and individuals can participate in the legislative process by submitting written comments, questions, or other input via e-mail to

Find Public Meeting Materials at meetings Send Public Comments to LOC@oneidanation.