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On This Day – December 29, 1890, the Wounded Knee Massacre


Photo courtesy Getty Images

Today, Oneida stands in remembrance with our brothers and sisters from the Great Sioux Nation of the no less than 150 victims of the Wounded Knee Massacre that occurred on this date, December 29, 1890, on the Pine Ridge Reservation. One hundred thirty-one years after the U.S. Army’s 7th Cavalry Division surrounded a band of Ghost Dancers and opened fire, many today speculate the soldiers were taking revenge for the beatdown their regiment received at Little Bighorn some 14 years earlier.

Although the United States’ historical narrative attempted to label the incident as a battle, it was nothing more than a massacre in which nearly half of those killed were women and children. Twenty of the “brave” soldiers involved in the brutality were awarded the Medal of Honor for their actions that day. The horrific incident occurred a mere two weeks after famous Sioux Chief Sitting Bull was brutally killed while being arrested on the same reservation.

Chief Big Foot (Chief Spotted Elk)

Mrs. Big Foot

Horned Cloud

Mrs. Horned Cloud

William Horned Cloud, son

Sherman Horned Cloud, son

Pretty Enemy, niece

Mrs. Beard, daughter-in-law

Thomas Beard, grandson

Shedding Bear

Trouble-in-Front, son

Last Running

Red White Cow, daughter

Mother-in-law of Shedding Bear

High Hawk

Mrs. High Hawk

Little boy, son

Little girl, daughter

Whirl Wind Hawk

Mrs. Whirl Wind Hawk

Young lady, daughter

Young girl, daughter

Little girl, daughter

Little boy, son

Little boy, son

He Crow

Pretty Woman, daughter

Buckskin Breech Clout

Running In Lodge, son

White Feather, son

Little boy, son

Bear Woman

Crazy Bear

Elk Creek

Mrs. Elk Creek

Spotted Chief, son

Red Fish

Mrs. Red Fish

Old Good Bear

Young Good Bear

Mrs. Good Bear

Little boy, son

Pretty Hawk

Mrs. Pretty Hawk

Baby Pretty Hawk

Mrs. Lap

Shoots The Right

Bad Wound, son

Bear Parts Body

Little boy, son

Brown Beaver

White Beaver Woman

Black Coyote

Red Water Woman

Sun In Pupil

Mrs. Sun In Pupil

Henry Three, or Pretty Bald Eagle

Iron Eyes

Mrs. Iron Eyes

Has A Dog

Red Shirt Girl

Pretty Woman

Albert Iron Eyes

White Day

Little Boy, son

Charge At Them

Old Woman, mother

Mrs. Iron American

Mrs. Yellow Buffalo Calf

Louis Close To Home

Cast Away And Run

Bad Braves

Red Horn


Strong Fox

Mrs. Strong Fox

Little boy, son

One Feather

Little boy, son

Without Robe

Old Man Yellow Bull

Mrs. Old Man Yellow Bull

Brown Woman

Shakes The Bird

Red Ears Horse

Shoots With Hawk Feather

His mother

Ghost Horse

Little boy, son

Chief Woman

Mrs. Trouble In Love


Baby boy

Mrs. Stone Hammer

Little baby

Wolf Ears

Good Boy, son

Edward Wolf Ears

Little girl

Shoots The Bear

Kills Senaca Assiniboine

George Shoots The Bear

Mrs. Shoots The Bear

Kills Crow Indian

Little Body Bear

Mrs. Little Body Bear

Little boy, son

Baby girl

Red Eagle

Eagle Body, daughter

Little girl

Little Elk

Mrs. Little Elk

Black Shield’s little girl

White Wolf

Red Ears Horse, sister

Old Woman, her mother

Wood Shade

Mrs. Wood Shade

Running Standing Hairs

Mrs. Running Standing Hairs

Young lady, daughter

Scabbard Knife

Mrs. Scabbard Knife

He Eagle

Mrs. He Eagle

Edward He Eagle, son

Young girl, daughter

Young boy, son


Mrs. Log

Really Woman, son

Brown Hoops

Little boy, son

Young girl, daughter

Mule’s daughter, young lady

Red Other Woman

Black Flutes, young boy

Takes Away The Bow

Gray In Eye

Mrs. Drops Blood

Young boy, son

Little boy, son

Old Woman

Mrs. Long Bull

Young girl, daughter

Spotted Thunder

Swift Bird

Mrs. Swift Bird

Boy, son

Boy, son

Strike Scatter

Boy, son

Wolf Skin Necklace

Last Talking, old woman

Not Go In Among, son of Hailing Bear, and Her Good Medicine

Wounded Hand

Comes Out Rattling, wife

Big Voice Thunder

Mercy To Others

Long Medicine

Broken Arrow

Mrs. Broken Arrow

Young man

Young woman

Brown Turtle

Old woman, mother

Bird Wings

Not Afraid Of Lodge

Bear Comes And Lies

Wears Calf’s Robe

Yellow Robe

Wounded In Winter, son

Mrs. Black Hair

Bad Spotted Eagle

Mrs. Bad Spotted Eagle

White American

Long Bull

Courage Bear

Mrs. Courage Bear

Fat Courage Bear

George Courage Bear

Black Hawk

She Bear, wife

Weasel Bear, daughter