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Attention Enrolled Oneida Applying for the GWA Payment

Due to the frequency of calls and requests we are urging everyone to PLEASE check your application before you submit.

Do not re-apply when you get the paper application.

Do not call to see if someone can check your application for errors, if you entered online. You can go back into the members only to see what you entered without calling our hotline. We cannot access your application.

It is extremely difficult to keep up with the hundreds of calls coming in every day requesting us to double check applications, that slows down and impedes our ability to assist those who are asking for help in the application process.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and patience, we know everyone is anxious and trying to make sure they did not make mistakes.  We have a great team working to collaborate this process and make sure the payments are made on time.  Remember you have until October 29, 2021 to apply but please apply only once.


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