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Oneida Nation Supports Justice for Jonathan

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For Immediate Release: June 19, 2020

(Oneida Reservation) – A Nation of strong families built on Tsi ni yukwalihot^ and a strong economy is the vision of the Oneida Nation. On this Juneteenth day, which is a time to reflect on our Nation’s history and remind ourselves of theprogress still needed to correct systemic and historical injustices against persons of color, it is fitting that the Nation speaks out in support of the Jonathan Tubby family and call for action obtain Justice for Jonathan.

Following a recent meeting with the family of Jonathan Tubby, the Oneida Business Committee is speaking out in support of Justice for Jonathan. Jonathan Tubby was killed by a Green Bay Police officer on October 19, 2018 as a result of a traffic stop. After the death of Jonathan the family spoke out publicly and asked the community to respect their mourning period for at least a year. The Oneida Nation respected the wishes of the family and has refrained from speaking out publicly until now.

Tehassi Hill, Oneida Chairman stated, “These fights against racism and injustice are nothing new for us. Whether it be institutional and systemic racism or the individual acts, these are long-standing issues. There are regular attacks on our rights as Indian people. These continuous attacks including challenges to our sovereignty by the Town of Hobart and the on-going threats to our relatives who exercise their usufructuary treaty rights. I am confident our area communities will become stronger and we will see change for the better. Our Oneida culture teaches us that we treat each other with respect, dignity and we honor the inherent value in each of us. The Good Mind–Kahletsyatlu’sla (Gahlay-ja-loo-sla) The heartfelt encouragement of the best in each of us.”

Oneida officials have consistently worked with all local law enforcement with the goal to ensure the best possible response times and resolution to any situation inthe community. It is the Nation’s intention to continue to work with both Green Bay and Brown County law enforcement to bridge any identified gaps in police practices to help ensure the prevention of repeat tragedies.

We intend to encourage and support change in the local law enforcement. The Nation will press for additional training on better arrest practices, accountability of officers, mandatory use of body cameras, cultural sensitivity training, and continued outreach into our community to build better relations and understanding amongst law enforcement and our youth. Our goal for our community and the greater Oneida and Green Bay area is to assure we have a safe community.

The Nation has mourned with the family of Jonathan Tubby, and now it is time for the Nation to stand with the family in the advocacy of reforms in policing policy and practices. We expect systemic change in behavior and procedure, and it starts with respect for all human life. The Nation is extremely proud that the family of Jonathan Tubby has chosen to engage this undertaking in accordance with Oneida teachings; it takes considerable strength and courage for the family to process this tragedy in a peaceful manner and seek Justice for Jonathan in a peaceful manner.

The Oneida Nation will stand in solidarity with our relatives and those who have the desire to bring our minds together for the good and fair treatment of all people.

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