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Oneida Nation To Resume Normal Business Hours

Posted on Jun 3, 2020 by
Press Releases Pressroom Blog

For immediate release, June 3, 2020

(Oneida Reservation) – The Oneida Nation will resume normal business hours today. Tehassi Hill, Oneida Nation Chairman stated “The Oneida Business Committee thanks the entire community for maintaining a safe environment while peacefully protesting racism.  As Native people we have fought racism for generations and we continue to believe that systemic racism must end. We will continue to peacefully raise our voices and express our opposition. We continue to support the City of Green Bay and the Village of Ashwaubenon in encouraging peaceful expressions against racism and in maintaining curfews for the safety of everyone.”

The Oneida Nation has and will continue to stand in opposition to racism and violence. We encourage our communities to begin building bridges and partnerships that can work together effectively in addressing the value of diversity rather than our differences. 

As we begin recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic we hope to do so with the support of our greater community.  Every business in our communities have been impacted by the pandemic and are seeking recovery and we support all efforts towards re-building these businesses. We encourage our surrounding communities in peaceful expressions so that all area businesses can open and experience economic recovery.

The Oneida Nation continues to work towards having a good mind, a good heart and a strong fire to sustain our community for our families. 

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