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Oneida Nation prepares to support Safer at Home

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Governor Tony Evers announced today he is directing a “Safer at Home” order for Wisconsin, he intends to sign the order tomorrow, March 24th.  The Oneida Nation supports the Safer at Home order. This is NOT A LOCKDOWN.

The “Safer at Home” is defined by the Oneida Nation as “Staying at home unless you need to leave for essential activities and work.” Essential activities include grocery or supply shopping, medical reasons, or if you must go to work. The State has ordered this action to slow the widespread growth of the COVID-19 virus in our state. 

At risk individuals should stay inside their homes. The at-risk individuals include elderly, handicapped, those who may have heart problems, diabetes and who may be on dialysis or other medical treatments for frail conditions. 

What this “Safer at Home” means for you is:

  • Do not allow friends or family to visit, and do not visit friends or family.  This means no play dates, no friends or family over for dinner, no quick visits of any kind. Stay connected with family and friends through phone calls, video chats, or social media.
  • Send one person from your household, only as necessary, to the grocery store. Make sure the person is healthy and not feeling ill. Buy twice the amount of food as you normally would to limit number of trips to once a week or longer.  Keep a good mind and do not hoard.  Grocery stores will remain open.  Sanitize your hands after you check out. Wash your hands immediately after unloading the groceries.
  • If you have to go to a needed medical appointment, maintain distance between yourself and others. Do not stand in line immediately behind someone. Sit several chairs away.  If you have a friend or family member that is already going to pick up their own prescriptions, check if they are eligible to pick yours up that they can drop off at your door.  This limits the number of community members leaving their home.  Check on our elderly and at-risk populations to see if they need prescriptions picked up for them.  Wash your hands thoroughly whenever you return home.
  • Look to outside activities to get exercise and fresh air that do not form groups.  Do not go to public parks. Take a walk or run outside, making sure keep at least 6 feet distance from anyone you may encounter.

The Oneida Nation is encouraging everyone in the rural areas to use their discretion on being outside, walks, hikes and outdoor activities can be conducted practicing social distancing and less than 10 people.  In the urban areas, we strongly encourage not leaving your home except for those essential purposes listed above. 

These are not our normal practices and will certainly feel uncomfortable at first. Let’s work together and encourage each other with good minds!

We want everyone to use common sense and ask yourself if your behaviors may put others at risk. And of course, we always encourage each of you to maintain your spirituality and continue to offer your prayers for strength and support of our nation. 


Oneida Nation

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